Which States are Most Obsessed with Cosmetic Surgery?

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Cosmetic surgery – defined as an elective surgery performed on normal parts of the body to change a person’s appearance – has been widely performed for a very long time. It has become more and more popular all around the world, particularly over the last few decades. This is especially true in the USA where, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the yearly number of cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures increased by almost 200% between 2000 and 2017.

After learning about how this kind of surgery is becoming increasingly common, we at YesStyle decided to delve into the data and find out which parts of the globe are most interested in getting different kinds of cosmetic surgery. Which places, both within the US and worldwide, are people most interested in the topic? Read on to learn what we discovered…

State Data

We started by using Google Trends data to find out which US states most often made Google searches related to different kinds of cosmetic surgery. First, we investigated liposuction:

Florida proved to be the state most interested in liposuction, followed by Georgia in 2nd and New York in 3rd. Something worth noting is that Florida is one of only two states to appear in all five of our top ten lists (the other state being Nevada).

The state most interested in getting a rhinoplasty is New York, with California only one point behind. 3rd place is shared by New Jersey and Nevada – both states had a matching score of 85/100. Their results are a fair bit lower than the holders of 1st and 2nd, making New York and California stand out even more.

Moving on, Hawaii is the state most interested in having a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). Florida ranks highly once again, although this time it only made 2nd place. The Sunshine State is followed by the joint placement of California (missing its rank for the previous surgery type by only one place) and Kansas (its highest score in the study so far).

Next, Mississippi turned out to be the state most interested in getting an abdominoplasty (also known as a tummy tuck). The state is followed very closely by Louisiana in 2nd (only two points behind) and Texas in 3rd. Yet again, Florida can be seen near the top of the rankings in 4th place.

For our final individual ranking we investigated searches for breast augmentation, which was found by American Society of Plastic Surgeons to be the most common cosmetic surgery in the US in 2017. 1st place is taken by a state that hasn’t yet made an appearance in the study: Utah. The Beehive State is followed by Nevada (for whom this is the fifth top ten appearance) and Kansas. Florida manages to get into the top five once more, beating Hawaii to 5th place by only one point.

We then combined all five of the above data points into a final result and ranking to find out which states are the most obsessed with the subject of cosmetic surgery as a whole.

The state that’s most obsessed with cosmetic surgery turned out to be Florida. Of course, this isn’t a particularly surprising result considering the fact that, as we’ve already mentioned, it appears in the top ten for every type of surgery (and within the top five for all but one of them). Nevada and California’s placements in 2nd and 3rd aren’t much of a shock either – the former managed to reach the top ten for every surgery type, while the latter reached the top ten for all of them except for abdominoplasty.

At the other end of the table, the states with the least interest in cosmetic surgery are Vermont, Maine and Iowa – all three have less than half the points of Florida and Nevada in 1st and 2nd. Vermont in particular stands out: it had the lowest amount of interest for every surgery type except for blepharoplasty, where it came 41st.

After exploring the data around the US states, we decided to widen our scope and compare interest for different types of cosmetic surgery by country. In order to maintain a high sample size, we limited the following results to the data’s thirty most heavily-populated countries.

The two countries with the most points are Brazil (1st) and Colombia (2nd), far ahead of every other country on the list. Meanwhile, 3rd place is taken by the USA, with Iraq and Egypt only a few points behind. Iran and Mexico are a little further back, and the rest of the top ten is rounded out by the UK, Canada and Russia.

Do you think our results accurately reflect the popularity (or the unpopularity) of cosmetic surgery in your state or country? Let us know in the comments section below. If you’d like to see the full data from this study as well as our sources, click here.

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