Small Talk: Lador’s Wonder Balm & Wonder Tear Clinic Set

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The YesStylist Editors have talked about our beauty bag essentials and tried out skin care routines and makeup kits, but we’ve never ventured into the world of hair care!

That’s why for this installment of Small Talk we decided to review Lador’s Wonder Balm and Wonder Tear Clinic Set. This salon-grade hair treatment set, which can be used in the comfort of our homes, promises to bring luster, strength and health back to tresses with naturally derived extracts! From Zoe’s bleached bob to Dianne’s curly mane, read on to see how our hair fared.

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Zoe: Heya girls, I realized we never talked about hair care as a group before~ Always wondering how everyone else looks after their hair lol.

Dianne: Hmmm I don’t have a proper hair care routine tbh 😂 I guess it’s not too late to start one now? Any suggestions?

Maureen: I never really look after mine either.

Romy: I only take care of my hair whenever I feel like it haha!

Zoe: Ha! I get it for Maureen since she has a pixie cut, but I would’ve thought that for Dianne’s curly mane, there ought to be a rigorous routine!

Romy: The Korean brand Lador seems to have a lot of great hair care products. We could give their products a go?

Dianne: 😭 I’m laaazy, long hair don’t care!

Zoe: I’ve heard great things about Lador! Let’s do this!

What’s our hair type?

Dianne: Before we start, does it matter what kind of hair we have?

Romy: I think so since we seem to have different hair types and styles.

Zoe: I usually use hair conditioner rather generously because I have dyed hair, although my hair is really thick and healthy in general.

Maureen: I never use conditioner tbh. My hair’s too short to form knots or split ends 😂 but it’s quite dry and thin.

Dianne: I have medium-length wavy 2b hair apparently. It gets pretty dry and frizzy since I always comb through it with my fingers, even though appaz that’s like a huge no-no for folks with my hair.

Romy: I have fine hair that’s also been bleached and dyed. The ends of my hair tend to get dry, so I need a very hydrating hair conditioner or treatment to prevent them from drying out!

Dianne: OMG once upon a time, I too had bleached hair. It was a NIGHTMARE!

Romy: Hahaha, I can’t imagine how you would take care of bleached AND curly hair!

Zoe: Guys, I never realized the way we treat our hair can be this different!

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How did we use Wonder Balm?

Maureen: Did you guys use the Wonder Balm and Tear separately or together?

Zoe: I’ve tried both ways! The results are pretty similar, but I think I got the gist of how and when to use them separately and together.

Romy: I use both of them after shampooing.

Dianne: Together and separately! According to Lador, this is part of a 4-step hair care routine with the Balm & Tear as the 2nd and 3rd 😲

Maureen: I didn’t know so I used them separately 😳

Romy: I didn’t try them separately as the instruction says to use Wonder Balm after shampoo, followed with Wonder Tear. Although I feel like they’re both super nourishing and you can just use one of them.

Dianne: I read the back of the packaging and it suggested that the Wonder Balm can be used every day or before heating products.

Zoe: I feel like the Wonder Balm is more like a hair mask/hair treatment. But tbh I was too lazy to use the recommended intensive method, which required it to be used on towel-dried hair haha.

Dianne: 😂 Since my hair is hella damaged and I got the fat full-sized product, I used it liberally almost like a conditioner and before I blow dried my hair.

Romy: I read that too, but I felt that the Wonder Balm was too thick to use on my hair before heating tools. So I used it like a conditioner instead, and left it on my hair for about 5 minutes before rinsing off.

Zoe: Since I style my hair almost every day with a flat iron, I tried using the Wonder Balm beforehand.

Romy: On towel-dried or damp hair?

Zoe: Mostly dry if I’m using it before styling my hair. It seems to work too 😂 But mainly on the ends, otherwise it’ll look kinda greasy if I use it all over.

What’s the texture like?

Dianne: I didn’t think the formula would be non-sticky! I always thought the best way to moisturize hair is to have formula with the tackiest texture, plus the “Balm” name really threw me off!

Maureen: Zoe, did you not rinse it off?

Zoe: Only when I used it as a hair mask/treatment since it replaces the conditioning step. Because its consistency is more gel-like, I didn’t use as much as I would with my usual hair conditioner.

Maureen: I find it kinda greasy so I always rinse it off.

Romy: I surprisingly really like the texture of this. It’s thick but feels so smooth and silky when I apply it on my hair.

Zoe: Yes! And a little goes a long way!

Dianne: I loved the texture, maybe because it has hydrolyzed silk and aloe vera extracts ­– I felt refreshed~~

Maureen: Maybe I just prefer my hair to be more on the dry side…

Zoe: Well considering Maureen doesn’t usually use hair conditioner to begin with 😂

Maureen: That’s true, I’m not used to sleek silky hair ><

Dianne: Did you guys like the fragrance?

Zoe: I love the scent! It has a refreshing kinda smell that’s not too floral or herbal.

Maureen: I love it! It’s like being in the salon 😃

Romy: Me too! That’s how I felt when I first tried it – like I was at a salon!

Dianne: Yess! It’s supposed to be salon-grade hair treatment so I guess the salon smell comes with the package 😂


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How did we use Wonder Tear?

Dianne: I applied it less frequently than the Wonder Balm and focused mostly on the tips of my hair where it’s the driest.

Romy: I used Wonder Tear right after I rinsed off Wonder Balm. And at that point my hair’s already super hydrated and silky, so it was kind of hard for me to apply it on such smooth hair without it falling off 😂

Maureen: That’s why I feel like it’s a waste to use both, esp with my short hair 😛

Dianne: Hahahahah the ingredients are also quite similar.

Zoe: Totally, and I think it’s more suited to use as a hair conditioner, since it’s not as intensive as the balm. I used half a palm size of this, while for the Wonder Balm a coin-sized amount is enough for my shoulder-length hair.

Romy: All of you seem to apply the products on the tips of your hair. Am I the only one who applied it from my scalp to the tips of my hair? 😆

Dianne: No way! I felt that it would make my scalp incredibly greasy!

Maureen: You’re not the only one Romy 😆 but that’s coz my hair is so short.

Dianne: Plus I have a lot of hair to cover, so my arms would be tired before I reach my scalp 😂

Zoe: My hair dresser says to do the scalp last, so less of it sinks into your roots!

Maureen: Maybe that’s why I felt greasy, I started from the roots.

Romy: Maybe it’s because I recently dyed my hair, so I wanted my entire head to be nourished haha. It didn’t feel greasy for me at all though.

Zoe: Haha I feel you Romy! But doesn’t it get greasy a lot quicker that way? Especially the roots?

Romy: Nah, for some reason it wasn’t greasy at all!

What’s the texture like?

Mauree: I feel like the Wonder Tear is a lot more liquidy. It’s also quite easy to wash off.

Dianne: Yeah, it was definitely easy to wash off. I didn’t feel any icky residue and felt moisturized. I think it’s definitely due to its incredibly lightweight texture.

Romy: Same. I think the Wonder Tear is easier to wash off than the Wonder Balm since it has a thinner texture. I also think the Wonder Tear has a stronger scent of the aloe vera leaf extract which is very soothing.

Zoe: Yeah, if I don’t towel dry my hair properly, the Wonder Balm seems to be more prone to leaving an icky feeling even after I rinse it quite a bit. The Wonder Tear has less of this problem.

Dianne: Maybe it’s because my hair absorbs a lot of moisture but both felt lightweight over my hair even though I applied A LOT!

Zoe: Your hair is THICK girl haha.

Dianne: I felt incredibly refreshed afterwards~~

What’s our final verdict?

Dianne: To me, this definitely saved me from the hassle of going to the hair salon.

Romy: I honestly don’t think I’ve ever used any hair treatments that left my hair as smooth and shiny as the Wonder Balm and Tear. When used together, my hair feels extremely moisturized from my scalp to the ends of my hair. My hair is also quite frizzy and this somehow lessens the frizziness. I love them both!

Dianne: The frizz was definitely controlled for me as well. My hair was also smoother but I felt that it became a lot flatter ­– like not as much volume.

Maureen: I’d probably ditch the Wonder Tear. I prefer the Wonder Balm because it’s more nourishing and makes me feel like it’s worth the deal. I foresee using it once in a while, esp during winter to keep dandruff and frizziness away.

Zoe: Both left my hair feeling super light and soft. I’m used to using hair treatments before running my hair through heated stylers, but the same softnesss retained even when I didn’t use it right before styling.

Romy: Yeah, I think it’s perfect for winter hair care!

Zoe: Out of the two, which do you prefer?

Maureen: Wonder Balm!

Dianne: I think I’ll stick with using both, and defos want to complete that 4-step routine!

Romy: Ahhh I can’t pick. Can I pick both? 🙂

Zoe: I tried them in sample sets, and the Wonder Balm lasted me so long. For my thick shoulder-length hair, I managed to get three uses out of one sample pack, whereas I used the whole packet of Wonder Tear in one go lol. So for the same results, I think the Wonder Balm gets my money’s worth haha, and it can be used in so many different ways too.

Dianne: I think YesStyle shoppers agree with Maureen and Zoe since the sample set and Wonder Balm are bestsellers 😆

Zoe: 🥳

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