Becoming Anne: Trying Out romand’s Anne of Green Gables Makeup Collection

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As a mega bookworm who grew up on the Anne of Green Gables series, my fangirl heart was very excited when I heard romand was releasing a limited edition collection featuring beloved characters from my childhood on its packaging. Whether you’re an Anne fan or a romand fan, these are sure to make for great collectibles that you can repurpose even after the makeup is long gone.

This collection features cushion foundation in three shades, blush in two shades, two eye shadow palettes, and two types of lip tints in four shades each. Using these products, I created two slightly different Anne-inspired, fall-ready looks. Sadly, the makeup didn’t magically transform me into Anne, but it did make me want to flip through the novel again and even check out the classic 1979 anime series!

Zero Cushion in #03 Beige 23

It’s a well-known fact that Anne is a loyal friend, with quotes like “True friends are always together in spirit.” Not only is Beige 23 the perfect shade for my skin tone, but I also love that its packaging pays tribute to the dynamic duo of Anne and Diana. The cushion comes in three shades: #03 Beige 23 is the darkest shade with yellow undertones, while #01 Pure 21 and #02 Natural 21 are lighter shades. The former has pink undertones while the latter has yellow undertones.

The cushion foundation went on easily and offered medium to high coverage with a matte finish. With its airy texture and pleasant floral fragrance, it didn’t feel cakey or heavy at all. I only needed a small amount to cover my acne and create a flawless base for the rest of my look.

Better Than Eyes in #04 Dry Apple Blossom

The romand x Anne collection includes two eye palettes: #01 Dry Mango Tulip and #04 Dry Apple Blossom. I opted for the latter because of its warm-toned colors, which were more suitable for creating an autumnal look. The shadows contain fine particles for silky color payoff, as well as sebum control ingredients for long-lasting makeup.

The #04 Dry Apple Blossom palette consists of four shadows, as shown above. For my eye makeup, I started off with Soft Apple as my base, spreading the light brown shadow all over my lids and slightly under the eyes. Then, I blended out the reddish-brown Apple Garden shadow on the center of my lids to add vibrancy. Using a thin brush, I traced my upper lash line and the outer corners of my lower lash line with Apple Browning, creating a slight wing. I finished off with Apple Road, a pearlescent glitter shadow, to accent my eyes and make them pop.

I was impressed by how pigmented yet buildable these eye shadows are. The three matte shadows are very versatile and can easily be incorporated into any makeup look, while the glitter shadow instantly brightens up your eyes. Simply stroke on to aid seamless transition from the office to after-work plans! I’d recommend using your fingertips to blend the shadow onto a primed eyelid for better adhesiveness, as I did experience some glitter fallout when I used a brush.

Better than Cheek in #06 Apple Chip

Nothing is more crucial to Anne’s aesthetic than her ruddy cheeks and lively, “just-got-back-from-another-adventure” glow. This blush comes in two shades: #06 Apple Chip and #07 Pear Chip. Like the eye shadow, the blur blush contains sebum-absorbing powder for a long-lasting finish, as well as silicone coating powder to create a smooth and even complexion.

I chose Apple Chip, a slightly deeper coral, to complement my fall-inspired looks and to channel a rosy schoolgirl flush à la Anne. However, when it came to actual application, I found that the Apple Chip blush actually didn’t go well with the reddish-brown hues in my eye makeup. To attempt a fix, I mixed some of the Apple Garden shadow from the eye palette into my cheeks. Thankfully, this pulled the look together and also added more dimension to the hollows of my cheeks. Those hoping to recreate this might opt for the Pear Chip blush instead, which features a subdued nude tone that better complements the rich colors of the Dry Apple Blossom palette.

Lip Tints

The Anne collection has two lip tints: Zero Velvet Tint and Juicy Lasting Tint. The former is a lightweight matte tint that offers a softer-than-cotton finish. It’s available in four shades, including the limited edition #12 Anne Shirley. The latter is a moisturizing, non-oily gloss with four fruit-inspired shades: fig, jujube, apple and litchi. The packaging corresponds with the products, as the tube for Zero Velvet Tint comes with a matte finish, while Juicy Lasting Tint’s comes with a glossy finish.

These two tints haven’t left my lips since I got them a month ago, and are definitely my favorite items out of the whole collection. The Zero Velvet Tint is great for when I’m feeling a bit more dramatic, while the Juicy Lasting Tint is good for a low-key, casual vibe. The vivid pigmentation fades to a subtle stain over the course of the day, making re-application not strictly necessary for those as lazy as I am.

Zero Velvet Tint in #07 Fizz

Inspired by the color of Cherry Coke, #07 Fizz is a head-turning, universally flattering ruby red. It has a creamy texture that spreads easily to create a blurred effect and a non-drying matte formula that doesn’t leave lips looking cracked. A lot of lip tints claim to be lightweight, but I was taken aback by just how feathery and barely-there this lip tint felt. Fresh out of the tube, the formula is a dark crimson, but dabbing on just a bit of it gives you a delicious raspberry-hued stain. It also comes with a sophisticated floral scent that matches its sexy, elegant vibe.

My only word of warning: When I swatched the lip tint on my arm, I accidentally rubbed it against my beige dress, which left a stain that required multiple makeup remover sheets to fully tackle⁠ ­– truly a testament to its long-lasting pigmentation. For those who pat lip products on with your fingers, make sure to wash your hands afterward!

Juicy Lasting Tint in #08 Apple Brown

Last but not least, the #08 Apple Brown is a mysterious brick hue that pairs well with any warm-toned makeup look. Once you get a whiff of its sugary scent – fresh, fruity and so strong you can basically taste it, you will undoubtedly crave apple pie. Although the Juicy Lasting Tint might appear liquidy when taken straight out of the tube, it’s actually just as buildable as the Zero Velvet Tint. A thin coating will enhance the color of your lips and make them look super luscious, but you can also apply a few more layers for a bolder MLBB. For those who think lip glosses are a tacky fad of the early 2000s, you have to let this moisturizing, non-sticky formula prove you wrong.

Final Makeup Looks

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