Your Sign’s Halloween Mood (Part Two)

Signs & Attires
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Arians may be fiery, but it doesn’t mean they have to jump onto the bandwagon of dressing up as an aggressive Halloween character (unless they want to)! As a cardinal fire sign, they’re just as adventurous and fun as their fire sign siblings, and wholeheartedly enjoy both the tricking and treating of this spooky festival. To get the best out of both worlds, their choice of outfit needs to be mischievous yet sweet.

Outfit hint: Replicating an iconic look is too easy – Arians know they’re much bolder than that. In fact, their forward thinking is what makes dressing up this season a whole different game! They can easily talk their way into any outfit being suited for the occasion, like a self-made devil/ghoul/elf in a sassy qipao, for instance. The less enthusiastic dressers of the pack can still make others scream with a statement motif shirt and a pair of flaming red boots!


Although Taureans do enjoy a good night out, they love a quality night in just as much. What could be better than combining both for Halloween? They can totally justify strolling into a room in a bathrobe with their hair wrapped in a towel (face mask is optional)! It’s the perfect look for these self-care-loving peeps, whether they’re lounging on a couch indulging in chocolate and a Halloween movie marathon or popping candy at a friend’s house party.

Outfit hint: Nothing is as spa-worthy as throwing on a bathrobe – all those spa-dog memes all over the internet scream Taurean! An alternative option that still sticks to this theme is to wear pajamas, especially if it’s a silky, satiny two-piece that’s both comfy and chic.


One of Gemini’s favorite aspects of Halloween is pretending to be someone or something they’re not, a.k.a. being in character. Considering their dualistic nature, they can easily utilize one of their many sides as a theme for their Halloween look. Trend-conscious Geminis must have gone through a Goth, punk or emo phase at some point in their lives, and Halloween is a great excuse to revisit these phases, even if just for a night.

Outfit hint: Whether skimpy or conservative, go full throttle in all-black attire, accessorize with trendy layered necklaces (even better if they feature rosary charms), and complete the ultimate Goth mood with a dash of black lippie. #Slay


In the spookiest month of the year, Cancerians tend to look to the brighter side of things. Why? Because all things spooky, especially scary movies and haunted houses, really frighten them. Because of their fear of anything scary, Cancerians should opt for a different approach to dressing up this Halloween. With their soft spot for rom-coms and chick flicks, they’ll most likely spend the day watching non-scary, Halloween-appropriate films to balance the mood, and then figure a way to incorporate their newfound inspiration into outfits.

Outfit hint: Recreate iconic looks from the 90s romantic fantasy thriller Ghost, which calls out to the hopeless romantic inside every Cancerian. Alternatively, go bold with wild and bizarre costumes adapted from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. For those who prefer something more low-key that hits a little closer to home, don a white bed sheet and a hand-drawn mask for a quick interpretation of Casper the Friendly Ghost.


If there’s anyone who demands to have a good time at a party, it’d be a Leo. Now, not all Leos enjoy being the center of attention, but if one thing is certain, it’s that their outfits are always absolutely on-point. Channeling subtly dramatic, red-carpet-worthy vibes simply runs in the blood for Leos, no matter what kind of event they’re attending. This year, create more glamour and less horror for Halloween.

Outfit hint: Look to celebrity Leos for inspiration – emanate goddess of the moon energy with dazzling looks from Tiffany Young’s Magnetic Moon and Run For Your Life music videos. Or take cues from J. Lo’s on-screen looks. Notice a pattern? When a Leo is in full character, expect nothing less than killer sequins, glimmer and plenty of leg!


Messy parties aren’t really Virgos’ cup of tea, but they somehow always end up having the most input in their peers’ Halloween gigs. Halloween is the time of year that demands all of us to “be” something different, and that definitely applies to this stylish bunch! For Virgos, anything that doesn’t meet their eye aesthetically can be considered “apocalyptic.” This is exactly the theme they should harness for this day of terror!

Outfit hint: Any pieces that are distressed, ripped or look dirty scream “apocalyptic,” and that’s an easy zombie look to rock! Most Virgos wouldn’t dedicate that much time to constructing Halloween outfits, so they can make do with whatever they find in their wardrobe. For those who want to look like they’ve put a little more thought into their outfits, wrapping bandages around a tonal ensemble will deliver instant “mummy” appeal (it looks better than it sounds!).


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