5 Makeup Tips for Wide-Set Eyes

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Most makeup beginners and enthusiasts seek help from YouTube beauty gurus and follow online tutorials. However, many of us might have found that even after applying eye makeup exactly as suggested, it still looks awkward or different than expected. It may be because the makeup style doesn’t suit the position of our eyes. While we’re well aware of different eye shapes, many people tend to forget about how the distance between eyes affects how makeup looks.

According to the golden ratio rule, the “ideal” distance between eyes should be the width of one eye. If it’s wider, then you’ve got wide-set eyes, and if it’s narrower, close-set eyes.

You should always feel free to break rules and have fun with different styles when applying makeup, but sometimes you need to know the rules to break them! If you have wide-set eyes, read on for simple tips and tricks to perfect your makeup.

tip 1: don't forget your brows1050128025 - innisfree - Auto Eyebrow Pencil - 7 Colors1061335492 - innisfree - Skinny Brow Mascara - 4 Colors1054294222 - A'PIEU - Skinny Browcara - 7 Colors1059959951 - Aritaum - Matte Formula Brow Auto Pencil (5 Colors)

Although it may not seem like those brows above your peepers make much difference to how your eye makeup looks, they most definitely do!

As a rule, brows should be in line with the outer corner of your nostrils, but for those with wide-set eyes, you can inch a bit more towards the center when shaping your brows. Don’t apply so much eyebrow liner that it becomes a mono brow. Just a smidge will bring your features closer to the center of your face.

For more tips on how to get the perfect brows, read here!

tip 2: contour your nose

1073242928 - 16brand - 16 Filter Shot - 2 Colors - Contour Peach1067594367 - BANILA CO - Contour Duo Medium1052771081 - MACQUEEN - Fake Up 3 Color Shading 1070516922 - MEMEBOX - I'M MEME I'm Multi Square #001 All About Contour

Folks with wide-set eyes (like me) tend to also have a flat nose or nasal bridge. Subtle nose contouring will create definition and bring eyes closer together. For contour beginners, 16brand’s 16 Filter Shot Contour Peach is a great starter kit! The compact design ensures a simple swipe creates a shadow along the nose and highlights the top of the nose bridge.

tip 3: centralize your eye shadow

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Unfortunately, not all makeup looks are going to look great on wide-set eyes. If you find that your makeup looks like it’s dragging your features to the side, then you need to rethink how you’re applying it.

For eye shadow, try applying close to the center of your eyes. Apply a darker shade along the inner corner to give the illusion that features are closer to the center. When applying eye shadow at the outer corner, avoid dragging it to the sides. Try to avoid inner eye strobing as it brightens the center of your face and makes the gap between eyes appear wider.

tip 4: line your inner eye corner

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Keep winged eyeliner subtle for wide-set eyes. Avoid defining the outer corner, and instead create definition by lining all the way to the inner eye corner and lightly on the under eye. The classic eyeliner style (without a wing) is a great go-to as it’s easy to pull off and accentuates the eyes without you having to go the extra mile!

Tip 5: use a mini mascara

1038745544 - innisfree - Skinny Longlongcara Mascara1059885525 - Holika Holika - Holi Pop Detail Cara (2 Types)1068325367 - A'PIEU - Skinny Daily Mascara #Curling1066064357 - moonshot - Lash Infinite Length Mascara (2 Colors)

Most people tend to apply mascara on the center of the lashes as well as the outer corner of the eyes. For wide-set eyes, give a little extra attention to your inner eye lashes. Use mascara with a thin spoolie to easily coat those hard-to-reach lashes. A’PIEU’s mascara has a micro applicator with a slightly angled tip so a clean and thorough coating is easy-peasy.

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