Making the Most out of Your Empty Beauty Packaging

As a YesStylist editor, I try out new beauty products on a regular basis. Although it’s great to be able to test different products and share my thoughts and insights with all of you, the downside is the plethora of containers and packaging that just ends up in the trash.

As a whole, the K-Beauty industry is gradually tapping into eco-friendliness, brands like innisfree, re:p., Dear, Klairs, PURITO and AIRIVE are already consciously reducing their carbon footprints, and we can only hope for the list to keep growing! Sadly, not everything we have can be recycled at the moment, but we can at least maximize each product’s usage with a bit of upcycling and repurposing.


Tips on foundation cushion compacts

Make sure to get the most out of your cushion compact before repurposing it. There’s usually still a lot of product settled at the base of the cushion that you won’t be able to access unless you flip the cushion. This process can be a little messy, so I suggest using tweezers for the extraction.


Compact jewelry box

Korean cosmetics are known for cutesy packaging, and it seems like such a shame for the packaging to end up in the bin as soon the product is used up. I loved this super cute limited edition peripera cushion, so after I used up all the foundation, I left it sitting in my drawer for almost a year. As this cushion is discontinued and I won’t be able to get my hands on any refills, I decided that it’s time to repurpose it into something I can use for much longer.

The size and design of this compact is perfect for holding loose jewelry. Turning it into a handbag-friendly jewelry box requires only two simple steps:

Step 1: Remove the cushion from its chamber using a pair of tweezers, and wipe away as much of the residue as possible with a tissue.

Step 2: Clean the cushion chamber with warm water and detergent. A pump of makeup remover will help to emulsify more stubborn residue. Let it air-dry completely before use.

That was pretty easy, wasn’t it? Now are you ready for a slightly more advanced project?


Customized SPF cushion

I love the cushion compact’s portability and ease of use, and colorless SPF cushions, in particular, are perhaps one of the best inventions in K-Beauty. If you don’t feel like buying one at the moment, or you already have a preferred sunscreen, why not try making your own with an old compact?

What you need: New or used plain cushion, tweezers and scissors

After completing the two steps from the aforementioned compact-to-storage project, you can choose to reuse the original cushion or use a brand new one.

Step 3: If you’re opting to reuse a cushion, apply the double cleansing method on it. Massage and squeeze the cushion as you wash until you no longer see foundation residue, and then let it dry.

If you’re using a new cushion filler (I used a circular makeup sponge for this), test out the fit by putting it in the cushion chamber first. If it’s too big, trim the edges until the sponge sits nice and flat inside.

Step 4: It’s recommended to use a sunscreen with a runny or milky texture, but the Real Barrier’s Extreme Moisture Sun Cream I used also worked fine. Generously pour the sunscreen into the cushion chamber and re-insert the clean sponge.

Step 5: Using tweezers or a puff, press the cushion in circular motions to prep it for use. If you feel there isn’t enough sunscreen, you can add more on top.

Voila, you now have a homemade SPF cushion that you can use to top up your SPF on the go!


Eye shadow palette to compact storage

What you need: Tweezers or an unraveled paper clip

Step 1: Separate the eye shadow pans by pushing the sharp end of the tweezers or paper clip into the gaps. This should loosen the individual pans from the palette.

Step 2: Lift and remove all the pans until the palette is clear.

That’s it! Now you have a sleek little compact that can store bobby pins, hair elastics and more, depending on the size of the palette. The VT Daily Palette I used has a magnetic base, so it keeps pins and earrings in place!


Turn lipstick cases into secret containers

Just finished your lipstick? Don’t throw away the case just yet – you’d be surprised at how handy it can be! The tubular shape is ideal for storing anything from bobby pins and stud earrings to daily vitamins and tampons. It keeps loose things safely tucked away but still easy to find in your bag!

Step 1: Scoop out any residue with something small and sharp, like a toothpick.

Step 2: Wash with warm water and makeup remover for stubborn stains. Let it air-dry completely before use.


Big Tins for Big Things!

Personally, I prefer storing makeup brushes inside pouches or containers with a lid. Luckily, I happen to have an adorable pink tin from when I trialed the peach collagen jelly from EMNU. It’s perfect for storing my makeup tools and brushes! Using bigger packaging to store different things can help to organize your vanity table, especially if the container has a unique design that goes with your personality. Before you chuck away any tins, boxes or pouches, have a look around to see if they can be used to organize your beauty collection!


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