All that Glitters: Review of Elizavecca’s Gold Essence & Eye Patches

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“Golden” Remedies for Troubled Skin

Elizavecca is famed for its Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. Having heard good things about the brand and drawn by its weird and wonderful packaging featuring a pig mascot, I decided to give two products from the Milky Piggy Hell-Pore series a try – the Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Gold Essence and the Hell-Pore Gold Hyaluronic Eye Patch. Undoubtedly, a major selling point for both is the infusion of 24K gold extracts. Is this a marketing gimmick, or a way to brighter, firmer skin? Let’s find out!

Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Gold Essence

The Context: My skin has been experiencing a number of problems despite dutiful adherence to a regimen that involves cleanser, toner, serum, hydrating cream and plenty of sheet masks. Spots, whiteheads, enlarged pores and even angry red patches have been steadily appearing with no signs of fading. I can’t be sure whether this is due to a lifetime of sleeping with my makeup on or simply the march of time, but I’m desperate for a remedy that can calm down my fluctuating combination skin and save it from premature aging.

The Product:What I noticed immediately about this essence was the 24K gold powder suspended in the dropper bottle. Purportedly, it works with other moisturizing and calming ingredients to produce hydrating, brightening and anti-inflammatory benefits. The essence has a faint herbal scent that I can’t place, but I’m glad it’s not a harsh chemical scent or a rich floral fragrance.

I placed two drops into my palms using the dropper and gently pressed the essence into my face, but that didn’t quite seem to cover it so I added one drop more. Thin, light and watery, it spread easily over my face, producing no immediate irritation. While part of me remained skeptical about whether the gold flakes could indeed melt into my skin and work their magic, the other part of me really wanted to believe the hype. I continued using the essence for two weeks and watched for potential improvements.

The Results:There are no visible downturns in my facial condition so I’m at least not allergic to the product, but there are also no discernible improvements. My skin does seem a teensy bit brighter and smoother, but that could simply be the luster of the gold powder. Unfortunately, the redness, roughness and dry patches remain. Perhaps I need to persist for a few months before visible effects appear?

Hell-Pore Gold Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patch

The Context:In addition to increasingly tired-looking skin, my under-eye area has also been experiencing some trouble. It’s been getting puffier and darker, most likely due to late nights and poor blood circulation. Fine lines have also started to appear. Having always resorted to concealers to hide my dark circles, I used to believe that my eye bags would resolve themselves in time. I’ve finally realized that a more drastic rescue is needed.

The Product:Coming in a sparkly golden hue, these eye patches are infused with gold extracts to “discharge skin impurities.” They’re soaked with hyaluronic acid which helps to lock in moisture while promoting brightness and elasticity, and adenosine which is known for plumping up skin and erasing wrinkles. The patch itself is made of hydrogel and adheres closely to skin, thus preventing the loss of active ingredients.

After cleansing and toning, I stuck the eye patches to my under-eye area, patting and pressing gently to ensure optimal absorption. I also placed a couple of patches onto my neck to curtail potential sagging. There was a slight sting initially, which faded to a cool, soothing sensation. After waiting for 20-25 minutes, I removed the patches and patted the essence in for further absorption. This ritual was religiously repeated every other day for two weeks.

The Results: There’s a visible reduction of swelling and puffiness in my under-eye area, with skin appearing more refined. While my dark circles show only slight signs of fading, I believe continued use would provide further alleviation. Factoring in my habits of going to bed late and sleeping lightly, I’m pleasantly surprised by these small but significant improvements!

Final Verdict

I’d recommend the Gold Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patch to people who want to tighten and firm up their under-eye area at a wallet-friendly price. It may not do everything it says on the tin, but it contains enough of the right ingredients to produce solid benefits. Plus, I have to say that putting on those sparkly eye patches is one of life’s simple joys.

On the other hand, the Hell-Pore Gold Essence did not have any noticeable effect on my skin. The 24K gold seems to serve more as a decoration than a functional ingredient. The bottle does look very pretty on my desk, though I doubt that I’ll be reaching for it anytime soon.

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