Your Sign’s Halloween Mood (Part One)

Signs & Attires

Celebrating Halloween doesn’t always means frights and scares. Librans should tackle the fun aspect of it with their gang – all dressed up for all-night bowling or a board game marathon. After all, Librans love to gather their nearest and dearest for an eventful evening filled with joy and laughter!

Outfit hint: Opt for a look that befits Libran qualities and interests, like a powerful and inspiring female figure they look up to or resonate with. Brandish a sign that shouts girl power like famous suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, or go sleek and proper like the charismatic Michelle Obama. If they’re feeling competitive, the strong and fierce Serena Williams is another bold choice.


Many Scorpios have an extensive collection of silky nighties and lingerie kept secretly in their wardrobe, and a special occasion like Halloween certainly justifies parading around in vintage underwear. A sensuous and comfy look could include suspenders, fishnet tights and showing a hint of that balconette bra under a long satiny shirtdress. Likewise, Scorpios are capable of carrying off a cinematic and elegant ensemble like a silky slip worn under a lace kimono nightgown.

Outfit hint: Elvira Hancock’s wardrobe from the 1983 mafia thriller Scarface is an absolute mood, not to mention suitable for whatever event Scorpios have planned for the last day of the month.


Always chasing for experiences, Sagittarians are thrilled by the emotional roller-coaster of a ghost hunt or a haunted house. For Sagittarians, scaring the hell out of themselves and their peers is one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween. Give them the responsibility of organizing a Halloween do and you’ll get a funky picnic at a spooky abandoned theme park or some other bookmarked location on their list of haunted-places-to-go-with-friends.

Outfit hint: An explorer’s outfit is an obvious choice but any utility wear, like a boiler suit, will do too. Inject some dark humor by pairing a rainbow-striped tee with dungarees for an easy recreation of Chucky’s outfit from Child’s Play. Being too spontaneous is not the most ideal for group activities; be sure to notify the team beforehand, so everyone can at least bring one useful item to the gig.


To Capricorns, no villains are naturally born evil. In fact, Capricorns often find themselves identifying with the villains due to their comparable thirst for success and ambitious nature. It’s only natural for a Capricorn to don the persona of their favorite fictional villain – especially ones from the Disney franchise, as these characters have unique and flamboyant styles.

Outfit hint: Raid a friendlier version of Cruella de Vil’s wardrobe for some timeless femme fatale appeal. Or combine the styles of different villains for a unique look that can be worn again and isn’t too costumey.


Witches are mysterious and crafty, and they possess their own philosophies of life – much like Aquarians, who are known to be simultaneously aloof, unpredictable and creative. What better than embodying their spirit animal for Halloween? Since magical powers are not included, get started by taking some inspiration from the many iconic on-screen witches.

Outfit hint: For the more optimistic Aquarians, the witch sisters from the 2007 romantic adventure Stardust are perhaps the most terrifying. Meanwhile, Kiki’s sweet and simple signature look from Hayao Miyazaki’s Kiki’s Delivery Service is more family-friendly. Aquarians are likely to argue that witches don’t always wear black, so opt for Sabrina Spellman’s chic collared red dress from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for a refreshing take on the witchy look.


Dressing up doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out partying or trick-or-treating. Pisceans often simply prefer a close gathering with their mates. Usually the type to turn up to house parties in a self-mocking, subjectively funny Halloween costume – they love their memes and Tumblr-trending aesthetics – Pisceans should consider doing something different this year, for instance wearing matching outfits with their squad. It’s much more appealing and comfortable.

Outfit hint: Squad uniforms don’t mean identical outfits. That’s not going to cut it, especially since not everyone looks good in the same kind of clothes. Go throwback with a squad uniform like the Plastics’ all-pink ensemble from Mean Girls – different yet similar. Alternatively, recreating an iconic look of their favorite girl band is another good choice.


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