VYVYD studio: 80s-Inspired Face-Off

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As its name suggests, VYVYD studio isn’t your typical K-Beauty makeup brand. The brand creates its unique color palettes with the help of globally acclaimed color specialists, crafting everything from packaging, branding to art direction to appeal to millennials. Each and every color born from VYVYD studio is named after different facets and genres of music, encouraging users to play with colors while following their own distinctive rhythms.

We’ve been itching to try VYVYD studio’s makeup products since the brand landed on YesStyle. Not only is its wide and unusual color range incredibly Insta-worthy, its vibrant formulas are vegan and cruelty-free, which is a major plus in our books. Read on to see our 80s-inspired makeup looks, and comment below to tell us which one you’d go for!

Cheek Flash Blusher & Electro Pink Blusher Brush

Dianne: No. 5 Epic Trance is a warm peachy shade with an understated pearlescent finish. No. 10 Amber Metal is a tawny color that is more subdued than its name suggests. The pressed powder blushers are easy to blend and have buildable formulas that can effortlessly go from subtle to extra!

Zoe: No. 6 Acid Pop is a slightly neon but wearable psychedelic light pink. No. 8 Electro Pink is a vivid magenta that embraces its name with a tangy pink hue. These two shades can be worn for a subtle shimmery flush or layered for an intense finish.

The No. 8 Electro Pink brush boasts the same reddish pink as its corresponding blush. Its super soft bristles and fan shape make it perfect for lightly dusting blush on cheeks, but the bristles are also dense enough to allow gradual layering. In my case, it was a little tricky to see how much product was on the brush, as the color of the bristles is too similar to the blush.

Cheek Flash Highlighter & Fantasy Trap Highlighter Brush

Dianne: True to its name, No. 2 Diffuse Light boasts a subtle, golden finish with a pinkish undertone. No. 23 Glam Rock has a wonderful pink overtone and a cool blue undertone that makes the highlighter’s iridescent purple shimmer really pop! Both are pressed well and I was able to build up the shine without any fallout whatsoever.

The highlighter brush is in a lovely shade named No. 4 Fantasy Trap. The lilac-hued brush has a corrugated design on its handle, while its matching bristles are tapered at the end for easy application. The soft and smooth brush applied the pressed powder well, but when I wanted to create a more “extra” layered finish, I opted to build up the formula with my fingers instead.

Zoe: No. 24 Momentary Sound comes in a silvery, cloud-like color that accentuates contours with a beaming metallic touch. No. 4 Fantasy Trap is No. 23 Glam Rock’s lighter counterpart, but with a silvery undertone that makes its lilac tone really striking. These two shades come in a slightly cool tone that can be intensified to create dramatic highlights or layered on with other colors for a holographic finish.

Lip Flash Matte

Dianne: My love for matte lippies will never die, and the Lip Flash Matte has only increased my love for them! It’s available in 14 colors, from which I’ve chosen six.

No. 5 Epic Trance and No. 10 Amber Metal come in the same shades as the blushes I’ve chosen. Both appear much brighter than their blush counterparts but go very well together for a monochromatic look. No. 9 Rosy Voice is the perfect lippie for fall, with its deep peachy color and warm undertone, while No. 14 Red Hook should be everyone’s go-to red shade. Perfect for that dramatic finish, its vibrant color gives lips an alluring and mysterious finish that is sure to hook anyone in. My favorite colors from the six are No. 17 Fauve Disco and No. 19 Techno Ripple, mainly because they can’t be found in your usual K-Beauty lippie range. No. 17 Fauve Disco is a deep purple shade while No. 19 Techno Ripple is a vibrant teal.

The matte lippies glide on effortlessly with a velvety feel. Thanks to the creamy, moisturizing formula, it was easy to create a gradated look. The lippies are incredibly pigmented but don’t dry too quickly, giving me time to dab away any mistakes during application.

Lip Flash Vinyl

Zoe: For me, glossy lippies are usually reserved for special occasions, and an 80s-inspired look definitely demands a high-shine lip product like the Lip Flash Vinyl!

No. 8 Electro Pink is in the same color as one of the blushes I used, but with a more distinct color payoff due to its lip tint formulation. The vinyl version of No. 9 Rosy Voice also delivers a deeper brick red than the matte version, while No. 13 New Wave is a deep plum that is dark yet vivid, perfect for brightening up any wintry palette!

The Lip Flash Vinyl glides silkily on lips, with a consistency that’s less thick and sticky compared to traditional lip gloss. In just one swipe, it leaves an instant vinyl-like mirror finish, just as its name claims. Similar to the matte version, these lippies offer brilliant color payoff with a formula that is easy to apply, while its rich texture allows for quick fixes before the color sets. To make the contrasting hues complement each other, I applied individual shades on various areas of my face using different methods.

Final Looks

Dianne: I went all in for my makeup look! Heavily inspired by VYVYD’s amazing product names, I opted for that over-the-top look from the 80s – specifically the dark brooding vibes of Glam Metal.

I used the No. 10 Amber Metal lippie on my lids and drew on winged eyeliner with No. 5 Epic Trance, contrasting the deep orange with the bright peach. I added the teal shade No. 19 Techno Ripple on my lower lash line to accentuate my eyes and to contrast the warm tones on my lids. I dusted the No. 5 Epic Trance Cheek Flash Blusher over my cheeks and used the No. 10 Amber Metal from my temple down to my jaw for a low-key contour. I wanted to keep my blush and highlighter warm-toned, so I used No. 23 Glam Rock sparingly on my cheekbones and chin, while layering the No. 2 Diffuse Light Cheek Flash Highlighter on my brow bones, cheekbones, Cupid’s bow and the bridge of my nose. I used the No. 17 Fauve Disco on my lips for a strong, dramatic finish.

Zoe: Taking a cue from 80s pop music, I took a dramatic yet wearable approach by limiting my color palette for this look.

I opted for No. 9 Rosy Voice Lip Flash Matte for my base eye shadow, applying all around the lids and extending to the beginning of my cheekbones. I also used No. 9 Lip Flash Vinyl to intensify the colors on my creases. Continuing from where the base shadow left off, I applied No. 6 Acid Pop Cheek Flash Blusher and layered No. 8 Electro Pink on the hollows of my cheeks. To add more dimension to the eyes, I applied No. 24 Momentary Sound in a slightly more geometric outline, leaning against the sides of my nose and stopping just at the center of my eyelids. From there, I blended No. 4 Fantasy Trap onto the center of my eyelids, the inner corners of my eyes and my cheekbones.

I completed the look with a pop of No. 8 Electro Pink Lip Flash Vinyl over my lips, and a bit of No. 13 New Wave on half of my lower lash line. I used metallic highlights around the contours to ensure that I could sculpt more definition to my look without overpowering all the layers of pink.

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