Styling Tips for Your Body Shape: Wide Hips & Thighs

Trends come and go, but your body isn’t a trend that needs to revalidate itself every season. Celebrate your natural shape and size by choosing styles that flatter your body shape. When you have wide hips and thighs, you tend to fall under the category of a pear-shaped body, where your chest measurement is significantly smaller than your hip’s. It can be a little tricky to dress the way you want due to the vast size differences between your upper, mid and lower body. Here are a few basic tips to make your figure appear more balanced and proportionate.


1. Shoulders out

When there’s such a dramatic contrast between your top and midsection, the key to balancing your proportions is to draw more attention to the upper body. Add volume to the top with halter necklines and off-shoulder designs, taking care to wear a good-fitting bra underneath. Exposing a little skin in the shoulder area helps to broaden and emphasize your top section. For those who aren’t comfortable showing your arms, there are plenty of long-sleeved tops and blouses with cut-out shoulders. Alternatively, there are also a lot of trendy off-shoulder tops with puffy sleeves.


2. Let your upper body sing

Layering pieces of various lengths is another great way to obscure the position of your hipline – open-front jackets are simply perfect for this. The bolder the top is, the starker the contrast with your bottom, and the more it draws the focus to your upper body. You can also opt for tops with eye-catching necklines or embellished hems to make your chest and shoulders look fuller in order to counterbalance wide hips.


3. Boom boom prints

Go loud with prints! All-over prints help to streamline silhouettes, making it easier to construct the form you want. Vertical stripes elongate your curves while creating a “slimming” effect. A-line dresses with cut-outs around the waist also help to accentuate your waistline. With loose tunic dresses, the free-flowing silhouette effortlessly conceals hips and thighs, but this only works ideally when the dress isn’t cut at a length that draws attention to the widest parts of your body.


4. Always A-line

A-lines cuts are flattering for a lot of body shapes, including pear-shaped ones. Most lengths are fine just as long they don’t emphasize the natural width of your hips even more! Having said that, ankle and knee lengths are usually preferable because they draw the eye to where the skirt ends, as opposed to where your hips are. For skirts, you should avoid form-fitting pencil skirts that cut off at or above the knee.


5. Play with your hems

While wearing tops and shirts that lightly skim over your hips works just fine, simply avoiding all hip-length cuts may make your wardrobe look a little bland on the whole. Opt to accentuate your waistline instead by utilizing longer tops to obscure where your hips are at – long yet oversized knits pair surprisingly well with flowing skirts and trousers alike!

Investing in an underdress will also greatly increase your styling options. Although this might seem like a slightly outdated idea, underdresses are actually great staples for layering. You’d be surprised how exquisitely they work over jeans, under tops and even under shorter dresses. If everything is looking a little too streamlined and flowy for your taste, why not throw in a structured jacket and belt it up? This helps to create a cinched-in silhouette!


6. Wrap it up

Wrap dresses, surplice tops or any wraparound with a knotted tie adds emphasis to the waistline and works wonders in diverting focus away from the hips and thighs. The beauty of this lies in its seemingly magical effect of smoothing out bumps to create an hourglass outline. Whether loose or fitted, the gathers and folds typical of the wraparound look can always be depended upon to drape over your curves in a very flattering way.


7. Embrace the curves

You needn’t always depend on loose and flowy clothes to make a pear-shaped figure look visually balanced – show off your sexy curves with a mermaid silhouette that flares out at the hem to counterbalance wide hips. Or embrace your curves with something form-fitting! But do opt for a looser top, wider sleeves and perhaps even a little shoulder padding to highlight your feminine silhouette and avoid looking too bottom-heavy.


8. Minimalist Bottoms

Sticking to dark colors for pants isn’t all that bad; not only do dark colors create a visually “slimming” effect, they also complement most other colors and prints. Choosing the right cut of trousers and jeans is pivotal to sculpting a proportional and balanced outfit – flare, straight-cut and wide-legged designs conceal the actual shape of your legs and also draw attention away from your midsection. Do keep in mind to avoid form-fitting bottoms, as they’ll only exaggerate your wider lower body.


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