Back To School Essentials Based On Your Sign (Part Two)

Signs & Attires


Piscean girls are always effortlessly channeling their femininity through their choice of attire. This floral summer yellow dress is perfect for late risers to put on quickly even amidst the morning rush. It can be easily styled with a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket, and its gentle A-line cut will still give off a girly mood. For the Pisceans who love to add an extra bit of romanticism into their outfits, this flowy blouse centralized with a self-tie ribbon is perfect for pairing with mom jeans to get just the right amount of rustic charm.

As a water sign, Pisceans translate their emotive creativity into art, whether it’s through the way they dress or the work they produce. Start the term right with colors that help vibe with the change of seasons – – makeup wise, this kit by romand is a good starting point. Pisceans are also attracted to dreamy themes, so what’s more perfect than a pastel-colored seashell Airpod case for the mermaids of the zodiac?



Staying fuss-free and physically active are priorities for Arians – a simple yet cute tee in a boxy cut with pastel stripes will cater to their needs. As they’re always on the go, keeping a colorful hair tie or two around their wrists is extremely useful. Whether it’s for an impromptu round of football, to prevent hair from dipping into paint in art class, or even just for safety in the school lab, Arians always end up with their hair tied up at the end of the day!

Like their sister fire sign Sagittarius, Arians prefer a bag that allows their hands to be free – this crossbody fanny pack, available in a range of colors, comes with surprisingly roomy compartments that’ll hold pens and books. Arians also enjoy the coziness and comfort of a loose-fit sweater, so this soft oversized pullover with minimalist graphics is perfect for when the weather gets cooler.



Far from being boring, Taureans appreciate the finer things in life. Although they often prefer investing in low-risk, timeless pieces that don’t lose their appeal seasonally, Taureans maintain a cool and chic way of dressing themselves. For the new school term, effortlessly rock reconstructed classics, like this khaki jumpsuit with a plain canvas shoulder bag, which exude nonchalant utilitarian vibes.

When it comes to incorporating new things into their daily lives, Taureans like to start with functional items first. Cute accessories like a revived 90s hair clip will catch their interest, especially when it’s in a slightly bigger size and made of translucent acrylic. A full-cover phone case in a forever chic muted mint green, complete with positive lettering and a mini mirror, ticks all their boxes for accessories as well!



Geminis are adept in self-expression, but on the first day of the new school term, they’re inclined to lay low. However, that won’t stop them from embracing their fun and chatty sides, which will still be on display with conversation-starting gummy bear earrings or a vibrantly printed pencil case that will prompt others to talk to them first.

Similarly, although they may choose to wear a plain collared rib knit top, it’ll feature an alluring neckline that adds a twist to the classic preppy staple. Trend-conscious Geminis might also be seen sporting edgy accessories like this mesh-net crossbody bag, which goes with whatever they wear.



Cancerians always find it hard to bid farewell to their favorite season, so it won’t be a surprise to spot them in summery gingham ensembles that can be easily reworked to suit autumnal weather. Take this comfy and breezy cropped top and tiered skirt set for example; it can be worn together for full-on summer vibes, or separately with jeans, light knits and jackets to accommodate the transition to fall. Likewise, this ladylike midi dress in a muted color palette with gathered waistline and adjustable tonal ties would pair well with ankle boots and a leather jacket.

As foodies, Cancerians have an impulsive attraction to food-inspired ornaments, and these sunny-side-up hair accessories are perfect for them. Possessions also tend to have a lot of sentimental value to Cancerians – even if they’re still using the same school bag from last term, trading in plain worn-out straps for these boho chic embroidered ones will vamp up its appeal again!



Leo gals almost always come back from summer break with a healthy tan, and they won’t hesitate to show it off! This loose-fit stripey top hangs slightly off-shoulder to effortlessly complement a sun-kissed décolletage without being too revealing.

Leos love coming-of-age rom-coms, so it’s only natural that they resonate with main gal Cher from the 90s classic Clueless. Reinterpret the heroine’s iconic yellow plaid outfit with this ruched mini dress, a blazer jacket in a contrasting color, enameled daisy earrings and white sneakers. Oh, and a smiley Airpod case would serve as the perfect space for their earphones, and also as a lucky charm for the new school term.


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