12-Day Sheet Mask Challenge with PUREDERM

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Once a week, I set aside extra time to treat my skin to an extensive skin care routine which involves exfoliating, masking and a facial massage. I consider this as my self-care routine where I unwind, light a bunch of lavender-scented candles, and savor a glass of wine with a sheet mask on. 

As a big fan of sheet masks, I was always curious to try a sheet mask challenge but never got around to doing it. I decided to finally give it a go and do a 12-day sheet mask challenge with PUREDERM’s Circle Masks. Follow me on my sheet mask journey!

All 12 of PUREDERM’s sheet masks contain Vitamin E and collagen essence, and each one targets a different skin concern. I have an oval-shaped face and the sheet masks fit my face perfectly, but I imagine they’d be quite small on a longer face. Each mask also has built-in eye flaps that can be used to cover either your eyelids or under eye area, and I prefer to cover the latter. 

Most sheet masks I’ve used are packed with essence but PUREDERM’s Circle Masks aren’t. While I enjoy dabbing the remaining essence on my face post my sheet mask session, it can get a bit messy, so I like the fact that these sheet masks (except for one) have just the perfect amount of essence in them.

Day 1: Green Tea Collagen Mask

What it claims to do: Soothe irritations, remove toxins, and clarify skin

My experience: Any product with green tea extracts is my go-to whenever my skin is breaking out. Since I was experiencing a few hormonal breakouts, I started the challenge with the Green Tea Collagen Mask. The mask felt cool and soothing, and my pimples looked less inflamed after taking the mask off. This is definitely a must-have for acne-prone skin types.

Day 2: Aloe Collagen Mask

What it claims to do: Deeply hydrate and calm skin 

My experience: Aloe vera is known to soothe skin irritations and since my skin was still healing from the recent blemishes, I picked up the Aloe Collagen Mask next. While wearing the mask, I felt a cooling sensation and after taking it off, my skin felt refreshed and the essence dried without leaving a sticky feeling. 

Day 3: Chamomile Collagen Mask

What it claims to do: Help reduce skin irritations and soothe skin

My experience: The next day, I could see my blemishes slowly fading. Just to be extra sure, I put on the Chamomile Collagen Mask to help soothe my acne. While I found this mask to be soothing, I think the green tea felt more so, though I did like the pleasant scent of chamomile in the mask.

Day 4: Rice Bran Collagen Mask

What it claims to do: Hydrate and smooth the skin’s texture 

My experience: In fall, it’s great to use skin care products formulated with rice bran extract, which is one of my favorite ingredients. As my skin slowly becomes drier due to the changing of seasons, I need all the hydration I can get and this sheet mask definitely gave me plenty of that.

Day 5: Cucumber Collagen Mask

What it claims to do: Replenish moisture and revitalize dry, parched skin

My experience: This Cucumber Collagen Mask makes me feel like I’m at a spa! The mask has such a lovely smell that really relaxes and puts you in zen mode. Aside from its scent, the mask left my skin moisturized, especially my dry cheeks. 

Day 6: Avocado Collagen Mask

What it claims to do: Provide skin with ample moisture

My experience: The essence of the Avocado Collagen Mask is thicker than the first five masks that I tried. This mask was extremely moisturizing and I felt that my skin was still hydrated when I woke up the following morning! 

Day 7: Blueberry Collagen Mask

What it claims to do: Promote skin cell turnover and keep skin firm

My experience: Blueberries are one of my favorite superfoods so I was really excited to try this sheet mask because it’s formulated with blueberry extract. It does have a subtle scent that smells like blueberry-flavored candy but I don’t mind since it isn’t that strong. While it’s a great way to moisturize the skin, I think I’ll have to use this mask more than once to see a difference in my skin’s firmness.

Day 8: Red Ginseng Essence Mask

What it claims to do: Nourish and revitalize tired skin 

My experience: After the first week, my complexion felt smoother and looked more plump. The next sheet mask to put to the test was the Red Ginseng Essence Mask. This mask left my skin feeling nourished but one downside was the scent, which I’m not a fan of. 

Day 9: Olive Collagen Mask

What it claims to do: Soothe and deeply moisturize sensitive skin

My experience: The Olive Collagen Mask was the only sheet mask that was dripping with a lot of essence when I tore it open so things got a bit messy. I’ve been leaving the sheet masks on my face for 10 minutes but I left this mask on for 20 minutes due to the excessive amount of essence. Even after the 20 minutes were up, I still had plenty of essence left to dab all over my face and neck. The good thing is that my skin felt thoroughly moisturized!

Day 10: Tomato Collagen Mask

What it claims to do: Rejuvenate skin and provide a boost of antioxidants

My experience: This sheet mask contains tomato extract, which is known to keep the skin firm and diminish fine lines. After using it, I didn’t see any immediate improvements to my skin’s elasticity but I feel like I’ll need to use it long-term to really see its effects.  

Day 11: Honey Essence Mask

What it claims to do: Strengthen the skin barrier, and firm and nourish skin

My experience: After 10 consecutive days of applying sheet masks every night, I became tired of applying them. Luckily, there were only two sheet masks left to try. This Honey Essence Mask did a great job at hydrating my skin and while mine was drenched in a thicker essence, it wasn’t pouring out like my experience with the Olive Collagen Mask. 

Day 12: Coconut Essence Mask 

What it claims to do: Calm, soften and hydrate sensitive skin

My experience: Finally… I saved the best for last! I’m totally crazy about the Coconut Essence Mask; it left my skin feeling super-hydrated, smooth and glowing. Also, it smells of fresh coconut milk, which is such a delicious scent. This is definitely one of my favorites of the bunch!


After completing the challenge…

…my skin feels more hydrated and my skin’s texture feels a lot smoother than before I started the challenge. As fun as it was to do a 12-day sheet mask challenge, it got tiring at some point. I wasn’t used to incorporating a sheet mask into my skin care routine every single night so instead of it being a weekly treat for my skin, it felt more like a chore. I think I’ll stick to using a sheet mask once a week!

If I had to pick my favorite masks, they’d be the cucumber, avocado and coconut sheet masks! Have you ever done a sheet mask challenge? Comment below with your thoughts!

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