Ode to OG Hip Hop with Seventeen’s Vernon

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Seventeen, despite what the name might suggest, is a thirteen-member boy group. The name Seventeen is taken from adding up the thirteen boys, three sub-units (hip-hop, vocal and performance) and the group as a whole. Vernon, the main rapper of the group, made headlines during his debut for looking like a young Leonardo DiCaprio!

On stage, the Korean-American idol might wear matching outfits with his members, but off stage, his casual style stands out. His love for prints and vibrant colors may initially seem very extra, but on closer inspection, the pieces themselves are very wearable. Vernon’s parents are both artists and perhaps we can give them credit for his impeccable styling and color choices!

Graphic Button-Up, Cobalt Blue Tee & Distressed Jeans

Vernon’s off-duty look is characterized by colorful and comfortable pieces. The defining visual ingredient of this outfit is a button-up shirt with a vibrant print. The button-up’s warm orange shade contrasts with the tee’s cool blue, oozing retro appeal that’s perfect for the rapper.

Vernon often incorporates color-blocking in his styling choices, and I did the same by bringing in a pair of loose-fit jeans that feature pops of yellow in its rolled-up hems and distressed accents. Mirroring that same color-blocking technique, I’ve chosen to unbutton the print-heavy shirt and roll up its sleeves to reveal a pop of cobalt blue from the crew neck tee underneath.


High-top Sneakers, Color-block Socks & Orange Belt

High-tops have had a long, colorful history in hip-hop culture since way before they filtered into everyday casual wear. These sneakers are also a constant item in outfits worn by Vernon, SVT’s resident rapper! For this look, a pair with color-blocked panels in blue and orange creates clean symmetry and matches the rest of his outfit.

Continuing with the clean color-block aesthetic, I’ve added an orange belt and socks to complement the button-up shirt. The monochromatic blocking of the socks and the canvas belt gives the lower half of the outfit the oomph that the singer’s eclectic styling usually exudes.


Snapback, Belt Bag & Chunky Chain Necklace

Carats (Seventeen’s official fan club name) know that Vernon, or Hansol, is obsessed with hats and has a vast collection. It’s not a true “Hansol Look” without this accessory, so I’ve chosen a clean white snapback with minimal contrasting embroidery to match his white denim jeans.

A modern iteration of the classic belt bag brings the 90s-heavy outfit back to 2019. The simple, structured and clean-cut design of the yellow canvas bag lends itself to the boxy silhouette of the whole outfit, while also breaking the busyness of the shirt’s print.

Because of all the vibrant colors and prints going on, I’ve chosen items constructed in twill, namely the hat, jeans and bag, to ensure that the outfit still looks put-together. The chunky chain necklace is a subtle nod to classic hip-hop looks and completes the outfit.

Which K-pop idol should we style next? Comment below!

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