NAKEUP FACE: A Tale of Two Cushions

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Having struggled with acne all my life, I’m always on the lookout for non-irritating foundations with high coverage. Due to my combination skin, I also struggle with flaking around my dry chin and makeup caking around my oily T-zone. A moisturizing foundation that can last a whole day without touch-ups would be ideal for me.

When I saw NAKEUP FACE’s One Night Cushion and Waterking Cover Cushion, I was instantly drawn to their sleek and sparkly packaging, plus the product descriptions that seem to directly target my skin problems. The One Night Cushion is a hypoallergenic cushion that covers adult acne. Infused with soothing skin care ingredients, you can even wear this to bed (a match made in heaven, considering how often I’m fast asleep before I’ve even made it to the bathroom). Meanwhile, boasting a tightly adhering, long-lasting formula, the Waterking Cover Cushion moisturizes skin while covering imperfections.

Do these two cushions pass my test for wearability and coverage, and how do they stack up against each other?

One Night Cushion

Initial Impression:

The One Night Cushion comes in two shades, #01 Ivory Nude and #02 Beige Nude, and I used the latter. Its luxe packaging makes me feel excited to get ready, even if I’m headed to work and not a wild party. It has a pleasant floral fragrance and comes in a rather thick, creamy texture. Worried about how this texture would fare on my oily T-zone, I used only one layer of the foundation and touched up darker spots with concealer. It left a much dewier finish than expected, especially on my forehead and nose, so I finished off with pressed powder.

Mid-Day Check:

I was worried that the foundation would be too heavy, but it actually settled nicely and didn’t feel thick on my skin during the day. When I checked my makeup in the afternoon, the foundation on my chin was patchy and cracked, so I had to reapply some concealer. My chin tends to be on the dry side and I often have to touch up this area, so this didn’t come as a big surprise to me.

Final Thoughts:

Even after I got home from dinner and rolled around in bed for a few hours, my complexion remained uniform and rosy, and any smudging was subtle. The finish wasn’t as picture-perfect as when I’d first applied it, but blemishes were definitely still concealed. Overall, the cushion offered sufficient coverage and stayed on well, especially considering I didn’t apply setting spray.

Waterking Cover Cushion

Initial Impression:

The Waterking Cover Cushion comes in three shades, #21 Moisture Cover, #22 Bunch Light and #23 Honey Light. I used Bunch Light, which is lighter than One Night Cushion’s Beige Nude and a truer fit for my skin tone. The Waterking Cover Cushion has the same floral fragrance as the One Night Cushion and leaves the same dewy finish. Again, I applied concealer and pressed powder after the cushion for a matte finish. Texture-wise, the Waterking Cover Cushion felt thinner and more lightweight on the skin right after application. When blending concealer out with my fingers, I also found that this foundation offered more immediate moisture and buoyancy to skin than the One Night Cushion.

Mid-Day Check:

By afternoon, the foundation had rubbed off around my forehead and some of my blemishes were noticeable. However, unlike my experience with the One Night Cushion, the Waterking Cover cushion didn’t crack around the dry skin on my chin, perhaps because of its more moisturizing formula.

Final Thoughts:

Like the One Night Cushion, coverage from the Waterking Cover Cushion remained a-okay until the end of the night and my complexion was generally even. However, before removing my makeup for bed, I did notice that my face was much shinier compared to when I used the One Night Cushion. It was quite a natural, allover shine, but did feel a little oily. Those hoping to achieve a matte finish with this cushion would probably have to reapply powder once or twice during the day.


Both the One Night and Waterking Cover cushions have a floral fragrance, offer medium coverage and leave a dewy finish. Although I topped off with concealer and pressed powder for a flawless matte finish, one layer of the foundation is more than enough for those without serious acne issues or who want a more natural finish. The foundation may initially feel a little thick on your skin, but it quickly settles into a texture so mild and light that you won’t even realize that you have makeup on. Both foundations last from day to night, requiring only minimal touch-ups.

After a day of use, I found that the One Night Cushion was better at providing long-lasting matte effect and acne coverage, while the Waterking Cover Cushion fared better on the dry parts of my face. Both products offer quick, easy application and provide long-lasting and glowy base makeup. In the future, I’ll probably use the One Night Cushion on days when I’m going to be out ’til late, and the Waterking Cover Cushion in the dry winter months.

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