Back To School Essentials Based On Your Sign (Part One)

Signs & Attires


Despite Virgos’ immaculate appearance and cleanliness, they’re not always the most prepared when starting the new school term. The chances of them forgetting to bring pens are higher than them not remembering to carry this mini vacuum cleaner, which is perfect for ridding eraser remnants from their desks.

Like with New Year’s resolutions, they have the tendency to set new goals and routines for the new school term – for instance, eating healthier by bringing packed lunches. When Virgos set a goal for themselves, they tend to it seriously, so they’d start with investing in a simple, insulated lunch bag.

A Virgo’s wardrobe is home to versatile and timeless pieces like this loose-fit cotton and linen blend long shirt, which can be worn as a light jacket or a shirtdress. Let’s not forget a new chic phone case emblazoned with a motivational quote to complete a minimalistic outfit!



Fair, friendly and sociable, Librans are usually the type to initiate conversations and make friends with transfer students. For the shyer Librans, a tubular bag that reads “hiya” conveys your friendliness and eagerness, and doubles as a conversation-starter. It can also be used as a pencil case! One of the first things you’d spot in a Libran’s bag is an Insta-worthy PVC pouch that is large enough to hold loose items like hand cream, makeup or art supplies.

Librans tend to opt for simple and classic pieces, but they always put a little more thought into styling their outfits when the seasons are changing. This polka-dotted blouse and fitted denim pinafore bring in hints of summer. Adding a lightweight button-up jacket will instantly make it fall-appropriate while boasting feminine and down-to-earth preppy appeal.



Fresh back from summer break, Scorpios would prefer to keep things on the down low, but their tendency to break rules will undoubtedly make them stand out. A few quirky items showcase their fierce yet sweet qualities, such as this red, heart-shaped compact mirror.  A mesh pouch that’s designed to look like a pair of undies also fits their aesthetic and offers enough room to stash loose change or lipsticks.

When it comes to clothes, Scorpios love romantic details, whimsical patterns and flattering, feminine silhouettes. On warmer days, this camisole and maxi skirt co-ord set, decked with cute allover floral motifs and contrasting trims, effortlessly creates a girly mood. Alternatively, this fitted square-neck blouse with a lace-up back can be worn with jeans and skirts of all sorts for a romantic outfit that doesn’t look too costumey.



Comfort comes first for Sagittarians, especially in early fall. When the temperature is still relatively warm, they can usually be spotted in a T-shirt and denim dungarees combo. Not the early bird type, they’d opt for effortless retro and loose-fitting silhouettes to save time on getting ready in the mornings. A rainbow-striped cropped tee reflecting their fun-loving personalities is a great addition to the T-shirt collection.

Sagittarians are always out and about and don’t really like to carry too much stuff, so a small canvas backpack in their favorite color will suffice for day-to-day use. To showcase their originality and colorful personalities, a funky case in the design of a retro brick phone would be an eye-catching piece for the new school term.



Capricorns like to be prepared, and it’s no surprise that they’d be the ones to start the new school term with all the right gear, attire and attitude.  A big bag to fit all their needs is ideal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a backpack – that’s just not Capricorn style! They’d much prefer a giant satchel or a briefcase-like shoulder bag that matches their vintage aesthetic and sentimental old soul.

As winter babies, Capricorns are always prepared for cold weather and are likely to be spotted in knitwear already! For a new school term, it’s always nice to throw in something a little different to mark new adventures and aspirations. A functional PVC pouch with compartments to hold anything from pens, glasses to coins will suit their practical needs. Inside their bag,  you’ll find a full-sized spiral-bound planner that is as brilliant as they are.



Independent and progressive Aquarians dance to their own beat all the time. Although they may seem rebellious, Aquarians love to play with set themes by adding their own wacky touches. For example, this oversized shirt and vest combo in purple or light blue quickly brings alternative appeal to the classic school uniform. Pair it with this PVC tote bag that looks like a plastic file to complete an Aquarius-worthy look.

As imaginative and deep-thinkers, Aquarians are always drifting up in the clouds and far into the cosmos. Hippies and humanitarians at heart, they want to make the world a better place, promoting positivity wherever they go. Positive elements can be found on their everyday belongings, like this AirPods case in the shape of a rainbow or this super adorable phone case that comes with a squidgy adornment –it’s perfect for squeezing and de-stressing on the go!


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