A Sneak Peek at YesStyle’s 2019 Advent Calendar

Though we’re still catching the tail end of summer, it’s never too early to think about advent calendars! Following the success of last year’s A Kristmas Fairytale, YesStyle is proud to present Kosmetopia, our new advent calendar for 2019 featuring 24 full-sized Korean beauty products encased in an adorable illustrated box.

We invite you to enter the realm of K-Beauty and meet the five tribes of quirky creatures dwelling in Kosmetopia:

  • Complexion tribe

  • Cleansing tribe

  • Lips tribe

  • Hydration tribe

  • Eyes tribe

These cute pinkish creatures were conceptualized by YesStyle and created by Polish artist Pandatelier, whose artwork is characterized by a signature “la vie en rose” palette. We spoke to Pandatelier about her style inspos and challenges when drawing the creatures. See what she has to say!

1. How did you begin your career as an artist?
I’ve been drawing ever since I was a child. At first I drew characters from My Little Pony and Sailor Moon, but later I spent a long time studying classical drawing and painting in high school and college. I got a Master of Arts degree but I don’t really feel it’s that important to me. What bring me the most joy are illustration and its ability to return me to my childhood times.

2. How would you describe your art style?
I don’t know if I have an art style. I’m still searching for it and I feel like there’s a lot of work ahead of me. I get a lot of comments from people saying that they like my color palette and they think my works are cute and soft 🙂

3. Who are your biggest influences?
The biggest inspiration for me is the Instagram illustration community. It’s a group of people who constantly bring beautiful art to the world, while supporting and motivating each other. Among my favorite artists are Fran Meneses (@frannerd), August Ro (@august.ro), Taryn Knight (@taryndraws), Tina Naß (@tinanass.illustration) and Cécile Metzger (@coucou_illustration). Without doubt, I was also heavily influenced by all the cartoons and anime I watched. I love the Moomins and movies from Studio Ghibli.

4. How did you go about creating the Kosmetopia tribes? What was the most challenging part?
I fell in love with the project because of how the characters and the world were described. I imagined how they could look almost instantly. I think every illustrator would be happy to work on such an interesting and creative project. I’m also a big fan of Korean cosmetics privately. Designing cute creatures using face masks, serums and lip tints gave me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. It was also important to me that I was able to work in my own aesthetics and color palette. Reading the descriptions of each tribe, I tried to catch the first association that came to my mind and built the character taking into account all their traits that I was given.

The most difficult thing was combining all the elements together. I wanted to show the characters surrounded by their favorite cosmetics while also keeping the festive atmosphere of a winter wonderland. I hope I was successful!

5. Which tribe do you like most? Why?
It’s really hard to decide – every one of those characters feels important to me – but if I had to choose, it would be the Hydraticans. Their description was really charming. To quote it:

“Don’t be fooled by their innocent appearances. Hydraticans are not to be disturbed once they put on their facial masks. Watch out, or they may drag you down to their underwater homes!”

I imagined a tribe of chubby mermaids with water lilies on their heads, who use face masks to keep their faces hydrated.

The Kosmetopia Advent Calendar retails at US$149.90. Stay tuned to YesStyle Instagram to find out the pre-order date and details!

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