Red Velvet Joy’s Really Red, Stripy Outfit

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Park Soo-young, better known by her stage name Joy, celebrated her birthday just yesterday. Joy is the sub-vocal, sub-dancer and lead rapper of Red Velvet. The girl group’s music videos are known for being anything but subtle, featuring vibrant sets, clear color-coordination and representative items for each and every member!

It’s fun to pinpoint how the symbols match each Red Velvet member. I’ve already styled Joy’s fellow group member Seulgi with a winter wardrobe last year. To match Joy’s lively personality, I’m styling her with a fun outfit that’s perfect for the vestiges of summer.

Red Velvet Joys's Really Red, Stripy Outfit illustration by Dianne G.

Striped Halter Neck Crop Top & Midi Skirt

Green might be Joy’s official color, but red is her favorite! Although the singer often goes for a figure-hugging mini dress, I’ve changed it up a little with a monochromatic striped crop top and midi skirt. Red is a great color to wear for fall. It still possesses that summer energy, but can also be matched easily with fall’s toned-down shades.

I’ve chosen a halter neck crop top for Joy, as this neckline is a recurring design of her stage outfits. Joy prefers smooth elongated silhouettes, switching from minis on stage to midis on her days off. This midi is accented with vertical stripes in muted reds and blues, with a “peek-a-boo” thigh slit.

Smiley Face Earrings & Faux Crocodile Crossbody

Red Velvet is known for music videos that are filled with high-octane hues. To bring in a touch of those vibrant tones, I’ve styled Joy with 8bit smiley face earrings in an eye-catching yellow.

The green faux crocodile crossbody adds sophistication to the casual outfit, while its contrasting color breaks the outfit’s monochrome base. Pairing red with green might seem a bit Christmassy, but a washed-out shade ensures the contrasting color combo is more subtle.

White Chunky Sneakers & Green Socks

Who doesn’t like white sneakers? Uber comfortable and easy to wear, these are a constant item in the singer’s casual ensembles. The off-white shade brings a clean finish to the look and complements the white stripes on the top.

To incorporate a bit of her official color, I’ve chosen the same washed-out green shade for her socks. The lettuce-edged hem gives the look a subtle girly touch.

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