Dr. Althea: Preparing Skin for Fall

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As the end of the season approaches, our skin finds it tough to adjust to the changing weather, so some extra care is needed.

There’s still a while before the dryness of winter starts taking a toll, but it’s better to act early in the fall to prevent chapped skin rather than cry over it later. It goes without saying that it takes more time and effort to mend weakened, broken skin than it does to fortify skin when it’s still fairly healthy. Luckily, Dr. Althea sent over some goodies at just the perfect time.

Dr. Althea embodies both contemporary aesthetics and innovative formulas. Focusing on safe, effective and premium quality products that address various skin concerns, the brand consults dermatologists and cosmetic researchers in the development of their products and emphasizes utilizing natural ingredients. As a result, Dr. Althea’s skin care and makeup are as effective as they are gentle, and suitable even for sensitive or weakened skin.


Amino Acid Gentle Bubble Cleanser

What is it? A hypoallergenic cleanser formulated with 17 kinds of amino acids, hyaluronic acid and ceramide.

This cleanser reminds me of Dear, Klair’s Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser, but with a more prominent acidic hint in its smell. The formula is said to gently cleanse, strengthen the skin barrier and improve acne and blemishes. Apple extracts and coconut oil are incorporated into the formula as natural surfactants for a low-irritation deep cleansing.

Generous in its combination of ingredients, the cleanser claims to improve hyperpigmentation through suppressing melanin pigments while also restoring elasticity to skin through boosting collagen production.

Does it work?

Right now, my skin is in a dry and flaky phase so I rarely use foam cleansers. When I do use them, it’s mainly during mornings to cleanse off my thick night cream and sleeping pack. The Amino Acid Gentle Bubble Cleanser is definitely not as drying as most foam cleansers, and the lather is silky soft. The formula seems to wash off remnants of skin care products thoroughly without disrupting moisture levels. It’s also nice that the scent is rather mild.


Azulene 147HA Intensive Soothing Cream

What is it? A soothing moisturizer that relieves irritation and offers long-lasting hydration by strengthening the skin’s barrier and increasing its moisture-retention abilities.

This intensive soothing cream is part of Dr. Althea’s Pro Lab series, which uses pure ingredients and targets tired, sensitive and weakened skin.

The packaging reminds me of the prescription ointments I get from doctors to treat eczema, except with a more Scandinavian-chic aesthetic. It even comes with a mini pamphlet inside that includes notes on the product’s benefits, usage instructions and precautions.

Does it work?

The cream’s consistency sits between watery and thick. When spread over skin evenly, it leaves a balm-like velvety touch. My skin feels instantly moisturized, with a noticeable soothing effect on the red and sensitive areas of my face. The pale blue color comes from azulene, which is extracted from chamomile flowers and has calming, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also carries a fragrant, rose-like scent that ceramide-infused creams usually have.


Resveratrol 345NA Intensive Repair Cream

What is it? An intensive moisturizer that relieves dryness instantly, improves skin’s elasticity and reduces acne and signs of aging.

Also part of the Dr. Althea Pro Lab series, this face moisturizer shares many properties with the Intensive Soothing Cream, but with added anti-aging benefits. Its main components are resveratrol, a natural antioxidant found in berries and red wine, and adenosine, a type of wound-healing amino acid. Calendula extracts, sunflower extracts, propolis and centella asiatica also help to soothe inflammation.

Does it work?

The texture is slightly more watery than the Intensive Soothing Cream, and the scent is less floral. Refreshing without even a hint of irritation, the cream leaves a dewy finish until fully absorbed into skin. The refreshing and soothing finish is definitely suited for summer, while still hydrating enough to keep skin moisturized in drier climates.


Power Brightening Glutathione Cream

What is it? A skin brightening cream that firms skin and boosts collagen production while also improving blemishes and an uneven complexion.

This glass-like tub emanates a feeling of sophistication. The cream boasts a nostalgic floral bouquet that instantly takes me back to my childhood years when I watched my mom apply her night cream. Glutathione, a natural antioxidant that also exists within human body cells to help lighten hyperpigmentation and increase cell regeneration, is a core component. The cream also contains niacinamide and adenosine to help improve skin elasticity, brighten complexion and regulate sebum for acne-prone skin.

Does it work?

Its texture is on the thicker end of the spectrum. When scooped with the enclosed spatula, it almost reminds me of acrylic paint. Because of the consistency, a little more time is required to spread and massage the cream into skin evenly. When fully absorbed into skin, it leaves a soft matte finish without any irritation. My blemishes are noticeably lightened, and the effect is natural-looking.


Premium Essential Skin Conditioner Silk Mask Set

What is it? A nutritious sheet mask that helps soothe and relax irritated skin.

This face mask is soaked in slightly more essence than the usual sheet mask. Due to its silky texture, the sheet slipped slightly during and after application when I was sitting upright. It’s probably better to apply it while lying down to avoid slippage.

It smells like a mix of floral and herbal notes, which probably come from the witch hazel. Green tea extract and panax notoginseng root extracts are also infused in the formula for added skin purifying and soothing effects.

Does it work?

After leaving the sheet mask on for 20 minutes, my face is obviously dewy, and the dewiness doesn’t disappear as quickly as it does with other cellulose sheet masks. Apart from making my skin feel firmer, it leaves a soft and supple finish when the excess essence is fully absorbed, although a slight stickiness remains.


The Verdict

Overall, this collection from Dr. Althea feels perfect for the transition from summer to fall. All of the products are free from artificial colorants, fragrances and preservatives, and soothing to heated or damaged skin. Most importantly, none of them irritated my skin.

My picks out of this range are definitely the creams from the Pro Lab series. Although I haven’t used them long enough to see the skin barrier-strengthening and anti-aging effects, they’re both among my favorites at the moment because of their texture, finish and moisturizing properties. These two are definitely keepers in my skin care collection – not just for the changing of seasons, but possibly all year round!

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