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AGATHA is famous for silver jewelry that comes with a chic puppy charm. But did you know that AGATHA also does cosmetics?

Launched under AGATHA Cosmetique, the brand’s skin care and makeup showcase the same Parisian sophistication as its jewelry but are entirely manufactured in Korea. I tried AGATHA’s eye and face palettes, lipsticks, primer, cushion foundation and brow liner for a shimmery look!

Pore Cover Primer

I prepped my skin with the brand’s Pore Cover Primer which comes in a frosted glass pump bottle. The brand also has a Skin Radiance Primer but my need to conceal large pores far exceeds that of brightening my complexion. The primer comes in a light beige color that blends well with my skin tone. It’s creamy, super smooth and easy to spread. It leaves a matte finish, and feels so good on skin that I tend to put on more than needed.

Hydrating CC Cushion (#23 Natural Beige)

The Hydrating CC Cushion is encased in a rose gold-lined marbled compact with a built-in mirror and a teardrop-shaped puff. The puff’s pointed tip slides easily onto the sides of the nose and under the eyes. The shade #23 Natural Beige is just about right for me! The cushion is also neither too heavy nor too drying for my skin.

Before (left) and after (right) application

French Bold Eyebrow Definer (#01 Ash Brown)

Honestly, this was the best surprise out of all the products I used in this makeup trial. Available in Ash Brown, Light Brown and Red Brown, the dual-end liner consists of a triangle pencil tip and a sponge tip that releases powder when pressure is applied. I gently bridged my “broken” brow with light pencil strokes, and then I combed my entire brows with the magical sponge tip. Even makeup beginners will find this utterly easy to use.

Before (left) and after (right) application

Eye Color Master Lookbook

Face Contour Lookbook (left) & Eye Color Master Lookbook (right)

The two lookbooks are the key to this makeup look. The Eye Color Master Lookbook offers 12 romantic shades including six matte, four glitter, one shimmer and one satin. The Face Contour Lookbook offers three shimmery highlighters, two matte blushers and one matte bronzer. Both palettes are covered by a clear plastic sheet labeling all shades.

Comprising mostly of pinkish and brownish shades, these lookbooks are suitable for use all year round. You can get ideas from the brand’s official website, which offers tutorials for achieving a Romantic Rose, Bronze Smoky or Glittering Chic look. I just hope more tutorials will be added since the lookbooks can definitely create more than three looks!

1. Gradient base: Rose 2. Shimmer: Mauve 3. Eyeliner: Red Plum

To match the current season, I tested the more vibrant pastel colors this time. I used the mellow Rose color over my entire eyelids, followed by the glittery Mauve, and finished by drawing my lash lines with the vivid Red Plum. I also slightly enhanced my lashes with CATSMONG’s Big-Lash Mascara.

Unfortunately, there was major fallout when I applied the shimmer and the eyeliner, which made my lashes look shimmery and brownish. Three possible reasons for this: 1. I accidentally touched my lashes with the brushes during application; 2. the primer wasn’t “sticky” enough; 3. I layered up too much eye shadow. The good thing was that the powder didn’t clump even when I applied a lot – and I really didn’t need to since the colors already looked quite sharp with just a few swipes.

Face Contour Lookbook

1. Point highlight: Crystal (from Eye Color Master Lookbook)
2. Highlight: Stardust 3. Blushes: Tangerine & Dolly Pink

I’ve always wanted a full-range contour palette that can help “reshape” my long and flat face. Face Contour Lookbook did a decent job of this. First, I used the Crystal color from the Eye Color Master Lookbook to accentuate my brow and cheek bones. Just like Mauve, the glittery particles for Crystal are large and easily noticeable, but they serve more as shimmer than as highlighter.

Next, I applied Stardust from the Face Contour Lookbook around the outer corners of my eyes, forming a C shape to further highlight my brow and cheek bones. It offered an instant highlighting effect. I then blended it out with my fingertips to make it look more natural. I used the sweet and innocent Dolly Pink on the apples of my cheeks, softly blending it towards my ears with the sun-kissed Tangerine to add depth to my face.

Premiere Lipstick (Neige Silver & La Vie En Rose)

Before (left) and after (right) application

Do you see any difference? I intended to create gradient lips by putting Neige Silver at the center and La Vie En Rose at the corners, but I guess the color for La Vie En Rose is too light to be noticeable. If you’re after barely-there lips, give La Vie En Rose a go! I hope you do notice the silvery sheen in the middle. Neige Silver is actually a very versatile color that you can add to any lip color for a cool sci-fi touch.

All Premiere Lipsticks can be encased in a futuristic-looking diamond-shaped keychain that is available for purchase separately.

The Verdict

I love the brow liner the most, followed by the Face Contour Book and the Neige Silver Premiere Lipstick. Most of the items are quite pricey, but if it’s French sophistication and quality you’re looking for, these products from AGATHA shall deliver.

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