Every Sign’s Tarot Card & Self-Care Tips (Part Two)

Signs & Attires

Aquarius x The Star

On good days, Aquarians harness the zeitgeist of their guardian Tarot card, the Star card, which encourages optimism and the journey to achieve one’s dreams and desires. For Aquarians, coming to face their stressors can be rather difficult, as they’re highly independent and used to dealing with problems alone.

Fixation on ideals makes it difficult for them to see the bigger picture, which also restrains them from resolving current problems. Sometimes, discussion with a trustworthy friend is much needed to get Aquarians back on track. But when friends aren’t available, try laying out ideas with visuals. Make collages and moodboards that serve as an outlet for creativity and stress relief. When ideas and problems are presented visually, it’s a lot easier for Aquarians to see things from a clearer perspective, which helps them regain positivity.


Pisces x The Moon

As the last water sign of the zodiac, Pisceans are intuitive and (can be) rather spiritual beings. The Moon card coincides with Pisceans’ compassionate qualities and ever-changing moods, while also illustrating their tendency to be influenced and swayed by their surroundings. Because of their kind and empathetic personalities, they often end up in sticky situations.

Crying, laughing and screaming can be rather cathartic. However, this often leaves Pisceans feeling a little empty afterwards. Instead, give your stressed body and mind some much needed homemade therapy – put on a sheet mask and hop in a relaxing bath. Keep the lights off and bathe in the moonlight, or prepare some calming candles and incense to relax all senses.


Aries x The Emperor

Similar to the Emperor card, Arians are the kind of people who stand up for their peers. As a fire sign, they aren’t afraid to take the lead when needed. Because they’re always on the lookout for others, slowing down to take regular rest doesn’t come naturally to Arians.

When Arians are stressed, they tend to not leave the source of stress alone. Although their intentions are pure, it’s important to remember that continuous provocation isn’t constructive. If it’s a task that requires precision and thorough consideration, it’s best to go back to it with a clear head! Go for a jog or a quick workout and leave the stress aside temporarily.


Taurus x The Hierophant

The Hierophant, also known as the Pope card, represents spiritual wisdom, conformity and traditions. These values can be demonstrated more or less by Taureans, who draw on their tried and trusted experiences and knowledge. Because they spent a lot of time garnering this wisdom, being forced to make changes to their current routines causes them great stress.

When things go beyond their comfort zones, it’s almost too easy for Taureans to indulge in unhealthy habits. Instead, Taureans should bear in mind that the greater the stress, the more they need to regain control over their own bodies and minds. Swap chocolate and donuts out for a bowl of fresh fruits and greens. Keeping the body healthy and refreshed will promote vitality and help ease off any anxiousness and uneasiness.


Gemini x The Lovers

Governed by Mercury, the planet of communication, Geminis are known to peers as the sign with “two brains” due to their constant need to learn and talk. Just like Geminis themselves, the Lovers card can represent all the important aspects of a relationship – the highs and lows, the alignment of values, and the general act of making choices. Despite their fervent urge to learn, Geminis agonize over an overload of unwanted information, but lack of mental stimulation and being left alone also stress them out.

It’s hard to keep Geminis on their toes, let alone stressed Geminis! As the most competitive of the air signs, Geminis are most at ease when they’ve got the upper hand. Draw out this enthusiasm through a few rounds of chess, Scrabble or Monopoly. Once their more intellectual side is satisfied, release the stress with plenty of dancing.


Cancer x The Chariot

The Chariot card encourages accomplishing goals through one’s ability to be disciplined, committed and persistent in a bad situation. Like the Chariot card, Cancerians don’t give up easily, although they may temporarily retreat when faced with immense stress and pressure.

Because Cancerians are homebodies, it goes without saying that staying at home is the best cure for any stressful thoughts. Cancerians are true foodies and the quickest way to cheer them up is by baking! Whether sweet or savory, a little home baking is sure to bring them back to a more peaceful mindset. All kinds of stress will be relieved when they savor delicious home-baked delights, all to themselves. Sometimes, it’s totally fine to not share.


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