Small Talk: 16brand R U 16 Taste Chu & Eye Magazine Special Kit

The YesStylists are always on the lookout for uber-cute packaging, especially those inspired by food. This time, we spotted the R U 16 Taste Chu & Eye Magazine Special Kit by 16brand. Named after four Korean influencers, each set includes a lipstick in candy bar wrapping and a dual-color eye shadow pact disguised as a magazine. We tried them on both our actual faces and paper portraits. Read on to see who got each set!

Maureen: Look at the packaging of this! It’s so cute!

Zoe: Oh ❤ It’s 16brand! I’ve been eyeing it up for a while, but I haven’t tried any of their stuff yet!

Dianne: Lmao we always start our small talk adventures with cute packaging!

Romy: Ikr, the lipstick’s packaging is my fave since it looks like chocolate!

Maureen: Yum! It looks delicious.

Dianne: I want the 16brand x Double Soup packet!!! ❤ The name is sooo funny but the brown fudge lipstick looks so pretty with the Everyday Eye Magazine eye shadow!

Maureen: I dunno why they’re wrapping the tiny eye shadow in a packet that’s double its size, but i love the idea of it being wrapped like a magazine.

Zoe: They feature Korean influencers on the packaging, so it’s a collaboration?

Romy: It’s one influencer per kit right?

Dianne: Hmmm I think so! The Holy edition defo suits you Zoe. I can see you wearing the orange shade.

Zoe: My kinda shade ~~ She also has blonde hair 😀

Romy: I can totally see you wearing that shade every day!

Zoe: Wouldn’t mind giving it a try! The eye shadows look perfect for lazy people, ahem Dianne

Dianne: HAHAHAHAHA #truth

Maureen: Double Soup, Eva, Holy and Mia… so these are the names of the influencers?

Romy: I think so?

Zoe: Hahah Double Soup tho

Romy: Maybe her IG name haha

Zoe: Imma take HOLY then 😀

16brand x Mia

Maureen: Do you guys like your set? I got Mia and it has a pink tone for both the eyes and lips.

Romy: The lipstick shade looks like it’s perfect for everyday wear. Would you wear it to work every day?

Maureen: I tried but it’s a bit drying. I like the color tho, it’s a muted rose hue.

Dianne: What’s the name of the shade? 16brand always has really cute names!

Maureen: It’s Pink Nougat ❤ I feel hungry already.

Romy: Haha. Cute name and color!

Maureen: The eye shadow’s called Hey My Day. It’s very pigmented and shimmery.

Zoe: What’s Hey My Day supposed to even mean

Maureen: I guess it means “It’s my day”? It’s a duo of pink and brown so the whole look’s just very sweet and innocent.

Romy: I love its pink tone. It matches the lipstick!

Dianne: How do you like the pairing tho? Did you actually wear them together?

Maureen: I did! I think they really go well tgt coz the shimmery eyes kinda balance the matte lip color.

Maureen: Romy, how about yours?

16brand x Eva

Zoe: Rrrrrrromyyyyyyy, your lipstick looks amazing!

Dianne: Omg totes

Zoe: #Flaming

Romy: I got the Eva kit! The lipstick #HelloMonday actually doesn’t look as bright or hot pink on my lips as it does in the photo. It looks more like a matte hot red on me,

but I can see a teeny tiny hint of pink!

Dianne: I think it matches your personality soooo well!

Romy: I think it’s kinda bold for everyday wear though haha

Dianne: The perfect shade for Monday blues tho.

Zoe: You can rock it haha

Romy: True.

Zoe: It’s just a bit hotter than your usual shade!

Romy: The perfect color to start the week with.

Maureen: Do you use it with the eye shadow?

Romy: Yup! The eye shadow colors are very subtle so they go really well with bold lips. I need to apply a few swipes for it to actually look “subtle” enough since I’m tan and the colors are brownish haha

Maureen: Do you find it too shimmery?

Romy: I think it’s the perfect amount of shimmer for me, not too little or too much, so I quite like it.

16brand x Holy

Zoe: Omg I don’t know if it’s that I’m messy or that the eye shadow falls out a lot, but no matter how I apply it, I get it all over my face XD

Dianne: HAHAHAHAHAH lmaoo girl same.

Maureen: Same here! Maybe we needa put on primer?

Zoe: Lol I never use eye primer.

Romy: Hahaha it doesn’t fall out as much for me when I apply a primer first. You NEED an eye primer!

Dianne: Did you try the tips on the back of the magazine?

Zoe: I tried it with the brush. It’s really pigmented and does look good even when it’s just one swipe! But I find it really hard to maneuver around my eye, because it’s a curved area and the brush is so dense XD I also tried applying the two shades separately with my fingers, and the fallout is still the same.

Dianne: Hmmm I do find most shimmery eye shadows have a huge fallout problem.

Zoe: Yeahh unless it’s a cream shadow lol

Dianne: How about your lipstick?

Zoe: Surprisingly, I’m not loving this particular shade of orange.

Dianne: 😮 WHATTT???!?

Romy: Wow really?! Why?

Dianne: I totally thought this SCREAMED ZOE!

Romy: Me too!

Zoe: I usually like orange but this doesn’t really go well with my skin tone. The usual shades I wear have a brown hint, but this one is really orange XD Think it’d suit someone with a less yellow undertone (like HOLY).

Dianne: What’s the lipstick name btw?

Zoe: Pumpkin caramel

Dianne: I dunno but I really like it on you, plus its perf for fall!

Zoe: It has a sweet scent that’s kinda like caramel. Also, it’s super DRY.

Romy: Maybe save the lippie for Halloween season 😀

Maureen: I thought you like matte lippies?

Zoe: But this is way too dry XD I need to use lip balm beforehand, otherwise it’s so hard to put on!

Romy: I agree it’s really dry, but I find that it helps to do a lip scrub before applying it. Maybe you could try it next time?

Zoe: Hmm maybe XD If I really wanna wear it, I’ll put on lip balm before it for sure!

Also Romy! I secretly bought the lipstick from your kit as well XD It actually smells like almond~~~

Romy: Hahah yeah I love the smell, it also smells like cherry. Hence the name #CherryAlmond!

16brand x Double Soup

Dianne: And my brown fudge has a subtle chocolaty scent too!

Romy: Oooh that must make it tempting to lick your lips haha

Zoe: That color doesn’t really look like chocolate fudge 😳

Dianne: Ahahahaha yes! But like Zoe, I do find it a bit drying. It does have a more vibrant red touch than I expected from the name, but it’s perfect for everyday wear.

Dianne: My eye shadow magazine is called Everyday but I didn’t particularly like wearing it during day time.

Zoe: It’s quite bold for everyday… actually, not for Dianne XD Your usual makeup is way bolder!

Dianne: True! Plus I don’t usually go for neutrals during day time.

Romy: Do you prefer using your eye shadow for night time looks?

Dianne: Perhaps it was too shimmery but I preferred using it during the night time and using most of the darker shade for a smokey lewkkk.

Zoe: 😮

Maureen: Maybe by everyday, it also means how easy it is to apply and carry around.

Dianne: Hmm that’s a good point. It’s really small and easy to carry around.

Zoe: Even the brush is mini!

Dianne: The mini brush is really cute and I find it easy to use!

Romy: I’m sure it can fit in all our everyday makeup bags.

Dianne: Yeah but its soo small I’m scared I’ll lose it lol

Maureen: More excuse to buy it again then?

Zoe: Hmm maybe XD Probs will try other colors.

Dianne: Yeahh I want to try yours Zoe ❤

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