A 5-Step Back-to-School Skin Care Routine

Summer is almost over and it’s time to hit the books! Stress is right around the corner, especially with upcoming assignments, projects and exams. All that school-related stress will surely take a toll on your skin.

We all want to look our best all year round so grab some back-to-school skin care essentials and follow this quick and simple routine for both AM and PM. It’ll keep you looking fresh throughout the school year.


Always cleanse skin with a gentle cleanser 

It’s important to always be gentle with your skin so start each morning and end each day by washing your face with a gentle facial cleanser. UNNY CLUB’s Mild Cleansing Foam is perfect to use every morning before school. This hypoallergenic cleansing foam is formulated with Oriental Herbal Complex and ceramide water that gently removes impurities and keeps your skin looking fresh and hydrated. 

After a long day at school, pair UNNY CLUB’s Mild Cleansing Foam with the brand’s Gentle Cleansing Balm for a double cleanse — it’s a power combo! The balm helps remove makeup and a day’s worth of grime while nourishing your skin with Vitamin C.

Pick one for your routine: 



Grab a hydrating toner 

Think toners aren’t necessary? Think again! Toners don’t just get rid of the remaining dirt on your face post-cleansing, but they also give your skin a boost of hydration. As we slowly transition into colder months, your skin will start to get drier and crave more moisture. One of the best ways to give your skin what it wants is to apply a hydrating toner like AROMATICA’s Lively Super Barrier Hyaluronic Acid Toner. This toner is packed with five different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid that provide long lasting moisture. It’s also formulated with panthenol, madecassoside, polysaccharide and ceramide to deeply nourish skin. 

Pick one for your routine: 



Pick a serum that brightens your complexion 

Having dull-looking skin isn’t exactly what you want, especially for your first day back at school. To get skin that’s bright and glowy, look for a serum that will bring back the radiance that your skin has been missing. The serum that you should be looking for is LANEIGE’s Glowy Makeup Serum. Thanks to its natural mineral diamond ingredients, this serum will give you a brighter complexion. It also has a super lightweight formula that works well under makeup.

Pick one for your routine: 



Keep skin hydrated with a rich moisturizer 

In order to maintain healthy, glowing skin all year round, you need to protect and hydrate your skin. To help seal in all the moisture, pick a moisturizer that does the job. The Hydrate Me. Micro Tension Cream from make p:rem does more than just moisturize. This rich cream contains Arctic berry extract to strengthen skin’s barrier and plump up skin, a blend of botanical oils to nourish, and ceramides to restore elasticity. Bonus points for its sleek packaging that’ll look great on your vanity!

Pick one for your routine: 



Protect skin all year with SPF

Never forget your SPF! Applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day is an absolute must even when summer is over. You might be spending half the day inside classrooms but making sure your skin is protected against exposure to UV rays is crucial. Doing so will prevent signs of premature aging such as wrinkles or sun spots. 

You can opt for a light sunscreen like Earth’s Recipe’s Waterful Sun Gel  that is formulated with Harrogate Spring Water for added hydration and doesn’t leave a white cast, making it perfect to wear under your makeup.

Pick one for your routine: 


This regimen may not require 10 steps but it’s just as effective. Besides, it’s helpful to keep a quick routine especially for days when you’re running late for school or when your schedule is packed with work and you need to keep things snappy!

Skip step 5 if you’re doing this routine after school as you only need protection from the sun during the day. Check out this post for more back-to-school beauty essentials to add to your shopping list! 

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