(G)I-DLE’s Sweet as Cherry Soojin

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(G)I-DLE takes their name from the Korean words yeoja aideul, meaning young girls. I was shocked to find out that (G)I-DLE only debuted early last year! The girl group’s debut lead single LATATA was a strong start, followed by more major bops like HANN and Senorita.

Soojin is the main dancer, lead rapper and vocalist of the six-member girl group. My eyes were immediately drawn to her overwhelmingly sexy and chic onstage persona during the group’s performances. I fangirled over her outfit and vibe in their recent Uh-Oh MV and replayed it a dozen times! It’s safe to say that this latest single is my favorite so far and has solidified Soojin’s sexy but sweet image.

Cherry Swimsuit & Purple Pencil Skirt

I decided to fully embrace Soojin’s nickname Cherry and used cherry motifs as the starting point of the outfit. The white cherry-printed swimsuit is perfect for summer and for the singer, since her wardrobe is chock-full of prints. Although the swimsuit is not a common piece for her, Soojin wore designer lingerie in their Uh-Oh music video, so I don’t think it’s too far off from her usual style.

To make the swimsuit more wearable on an everyday level, I’ve paired it with a lilac pencil skirt, which has symmetrical patch pockets to match the double peplum layer on the bustier. The vertical panels on the skirt give it a very structured look but also complement the princess-line boning running down the swimsuit, which lengthens the silhouette.

Tasseled Sandals, Wooden Bangle & Rattan Crossbody

Soojin tends to go for darker tones in her outfit. To match the season and her lighter hair color, I’ve chosen brown and neutral shades. Since she has a subtle bohemian flair, it’s only logical to bring in tassels and washed-out wooden accents.

Like many idols, Soojin prefers to stay comfy on her days off, opting for flats rather than towering heels. Gladiator sandals usually look busy, but because of the muted beige shade, this pair elongates her legs instead.

The smooth shape of the rattan crossbody breaks up the structured silhouette and brings in textural interest to the outfit. To match the boho touch of the round bag, I’ve accessorized with a wooden bangle that’s in a similar shape and material.

Cherry Earrings, Velvet Choker & Scarf

I’ve had these uber-cute cherry earrings in my saved items list FOREVER, just waiting for the perfect pair of ears to style them on! The vibrant red earrings, accented with gold-toned stems for a subtle luxe touch, tie in the cherry motifs from her swimsuit.

Because both the swimsuit and skirt have clean and subtle textures, I decided to go all out with the textures in her accessories while keeping them in red for a mature monochrome finish. The red velvet choker is designed with a gold-toned chain layer and an enamel heart, highlighting the swimsuit’s sweetheart neckline and the earrings’ gold-toned stems.

The pleated silk scarf is loosely tied on the handle of the crossbody to give the casual bag a more luxe finish. Incorporating an additional detail around the center of the body, it balances and completes the whole look.


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