Soft, Silky Hair with Village 11 Factory Hair Essence 

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After years of putting my hair through excessive bleaching and the use of styling tools like hair dryers, straighteners and curlers, I’m now left with damaged hair and a lot of split ends. In order to save my hair, I’ve promised myself that I won’t expose it to any chemical dyes until my natural hair fully grows back out. This break will hopefully give my hair enough time to recover.

While I wait for my hair to grow back out, I’ve been treating it to hair masks and serums to help repair it. The latest one I’m trying out is a hair essence from VILLAGE 11 FACTORY. The Korean cosmetics brand carries products in fun packaging, so it’s hard to resist trying their products! Read on for my review on how this essence gives me soft, silky hair.

Perfect Day Shining Hair Essence

What it claims to do: 

This nourishing hair essence conditions your hair and leaves it silky soft, making it perfect for damaged hair.


The Perfect Day Shining Hair Essence is formulated with eight natural plant-based oils including evening primrose, argan kernel, avocado, jojoba seed, calendula flower, hemp seed, macadamia seed and grape seed oils.

How to use it:

It’s recommended for use after shampooing when your hair is still damp. Alternatively, you can use it on towel-dried hair. Apply a few pumps based on the length and thickness of your hair, and spread evenly. 

Packaging and texture: 

The essence is packaged in a small pump bottle which fits perfectly in my everyday makeup bag. It’s also a great travel-sized product that I can bring in my carry-on if I’m traveling.

Its texture, on the whole, feels almost like an essence or a thick serum that you would apply onto your face. The consistency is a bit watery but not too runny or sticky. 

My overall experience:

I have fine hair so two to three pumps of the Perfect Day Shining Hair Essence is more than enough. I avoid applying the essence to my roots and focus more on applying it from the midsection towards the ends since these strands are more prone to breakage – not to mention dry and brittle from all the bleaching I’ve done in the past!

My hair is naturally wavy but tends to look flat. Instead of rubbing the essence through my hair with my fingers and smoothing it down, I like to scrunch up the bottom part of my hair a bit to give it more body. This isn’t a texturizing product but it somehow works and gives my hair a bit of volume so it doesn’t look completely flat and lifeless!

The essence leaves a nice sheen on my hair and a feeling of smoothness. It doesn’t feel sticky during application. It is, however, heavily scented and smells sort of like a flowery perfume. Personally, I like the scent since it reminds me of fresh flowers during spring, but I don’t think those who are sensitive to fragrance would enjoy it. Otherwise, it’s a great everyday hair product!

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