Every Sign’s Tarot Card & Self-Care Tips (Part One)

Signs & Attires

Leo x Strength

Leos possess prowess that perfectly aligns with their guardian Tarot card, Strength. With a tough exterior, highly independent personality and radiant confidence, Leos appear invincible. In fact, there are many things that trouble these lionesses. Stress can come from both mental and physical fatigue caused by constant socializing, while self-doubt may arise when they lose influence and sense of direction.

Leos are such loyal and loving friends that they’ll even feel anxious when their BFFs are down. Chill out, Leos – try channeling all that negative energy into creation. They’ll feel a lot more revitalized once they’ve brought something to life! It can be as simple as painting a picture, cooking a meal or even learning a dance routine from step one.


Virgo x The Hermit

Just like the Hermit card, Virgos can become fed up with the outside world, be it noisy streets, extreme pressure from work, or personal dilemmas. At times like this, it’s easy for them to shut themselves inside their homes and temporarily retreat, even if it’s just for a day.

Instead of shutting down completely, try giving off days more meaning by doing a bit of Marie-Kondo-ing around the house. Virgos, like the Hermit, are deep thinkers and value their personal space. Clean, tasteful and immaculate spaces spark joy for Virgos, so arranging prized collections and keeping house plants well-treated and groomed can be rather calming.


Libra x Justice

Represented by the Justice card, Librans become stressed from the negativity and injustice around them. What frustrates them even more is the feeling of helplessness. It’s easy for Librans to be hard on themselves, especially with their tendency to let things slide.

Although they often play the role of listener, Librans also require peers who can patiently deal with their venting when they’re stressed. In addition to talking it out with buddies, give yoga a try. This can effectively release all the built-up bad vibes and toxins to unwind both body and soul. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to ask for help – and no, it won’t be a bother at all when it’s a reasonable request.


Scorpio x Death

Scorpios are often dubbed the “witches” of the zodiac signs because of their seemingly mysterious personality. Many often fear the Death card from the Major Arcana, but this is a common misunderstanding based on its literal translation. In fact, the Death card symbolizes transformation and change, as well as the end of phases. Scorpios don’t hesitate to cut ties with toxic people and remove negative influences from their lives once they’ve figured out that it’s time to move on. Before this realization, their stress levels may rise due to the inability to spot the early signs of a bad situation.

Scorpios value their privacy and well-kept secrets, which can become a long-term burden when there isn’t a trustworthy person to share with. It’s not always easy to open up, but keeping a peaceful mind will greatly help with stressful days. Stroking something soft (like a cat) while listening to calming music will quickly put their minds at ease, even if it’s temporary.


Sagittarius x Temperance

The free-spirited archers may seem restless, unpredictable and spontaneous, but like the Temperance card, Sagittarians are highly adept in balancing judgment with awareness. As gifted mediators, they often work through difficult situations like a steady, running stream. However, because they’re adventurous and always seeking new knowledge, constant accumulation of information with no regular outlet can become their key stressor.

Evaluate thoughts through jotting notes, annotating diagrams or even journaling to avoid being overwhelmed. Offloading a fraction of information onto paper in an organized manner instantly relieves busy minds. Blending different inspirations and findings into creating something new is also both rewarding and therapeutic.


Capricorn x The Devil

Capricorns are particularly prone to stress due to their ambitious personalities. When held upright, the Devil card symbolizes desire, passion and fear, which are all prominent qualities demonstrated by Capricorns. Their stress is derived from things that aren’t within their control and the lack of progress in plans. Such problems can develop into a buildup of self-doubt and negativity.

For around 15 minutes every day, try taking deep breaths, clearing the mind and savoring a moment of zen, especially in an outdoor area surrounded by nature, like a park, back garden or even a balcony with plants. Moments of silence and nothingness will help calm their busy minds, and regular breaks make them ready for more vigorous work.


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