YesStyle’s Makeup Bestsellers Mid-Year 2019

Hope you didn’t miss our announcement of YesStyle’s mid-year skin care bestsellers! Now we turn the spotlight to makeup products because there’s always room for more makeup. Did any of these make it to your vanity list this year?


Cushion or BB cream? That is the question. YesStyle customers seem to have split opinions. While some prefer MISSHA’s Magic Cushion Cover Lasting, others opt for its M Perfect Cover BB Cream. Nonetheless, it’s obvious that MISSHA is the big winner in the realm of foundations.

1. MISSHA – Magic Cushion Cover Lasting (#21 Light Beige)
2. MISSHA – M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42 PA+++ (#23)
3. moonshot – Micro Setting Fit Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (#201 Beige)
4. APRIL SKIN – Magic Snow Cushion 2.0 SPF50+ PA+++ (#23 Natural Beige)
5. COSRX – Blemish Cover Cushion (#23 Natural Beige)


Just like foundations, concealers come in many different forms ranging from liquid and creams to sticks and powder. As you can see from the ranking, liquid concealers with a sponge tip are the most popular, dominating the first four spots in the top five.

1. The Saem – Cover Perfection Tip Concealer SPF28 PA++ (#1.5 Natural Beige)
2. peripera – Ink Corrector (#01 Dark Thief Peach)
3. peripera – Ink Concealer (#01 Cover King Vanilla)
4. MEMEBOX – PONY EFFECT Pro Fit Liquid Concealer SPF30 PA++ (Ivory)
5. A’PIEU – Multi Correcting Concealer

Eyebrow Color

Etude House proves to be the most trusted brand among YesStyle customers when it comes to eyebrow colors. Out of the top five, three are from Etude House including the Drawing Eye Brow, Tint My 4-Tip Brow and Drawing Slim Eye Brows. The brand definitely offers a wide variety of brow products!

1. Etude House – Drawing Eye Brow NEW (#02 Gray Brown)
2. TONYMOLY – Lovely Eyebrow Pencil (#05 Black Brown)
3. Etude House – Tint My 4-Tip Brow (#04 Gray Brown)
4. Etude House – Drawing Slim Eye Brows 1.5mm (#04 Gray Brown)
5. innisfree – Auto Eyebrow Pencil (#05 Espresso Brown)

Eye Shadow

Have you ever tried Etude House’s Play Color Eye Palettes? If you haven’t, perhaps you should because they keep winning the hearts of YesStyle customers! There’s also a lot of love for glitter such as peripera’s Sugar Twinkle Liquid Shadows and easy-to-carry tri-color shadow pacts such as MISSHA’s Triple Shadows.

1. peripera – Sugar Twinkle Liquid Shadow (#003 Kitten Beige)
2. Etude House – Play Color Eyes Wine Party
3. Etude House – Bling Bling Eye Stick (No.11 Rose Star)
4. Etude House – Play Color Eye Palette (#Lingerie Backstage)
5. MISSHA – Triple Shadow (#13 Lady Milk Tea)


YesStyle beauty junkies go mostly for brown brow liners but black eyeliners. The winners for this category are quite different from last year’s. Customers shifted from pencil liners to liquid and gel liners for more dramatic looks.

1. ISEHAN – Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (01 Black)
2. TONYMOLY – Back Gel Eyeliner Long Brush (#01 Black)
3. CHICA Y CHICO – One Kill Eye Liner (#1 One Kill Black)
4. Etude House – Oh~ m’ Eye Line (No.1 Oh My Black)
5. Koji – Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)


Despite having myriad choices for mascaras, customers tend to stick with the classic black. Many would like their lashes to be dramatic and curly using Etude House’s Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara, The Saem’s Saemmul Perfect Curling Mascara or ISEHAN’s Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara, but some prefer a more natural look with innisfree’s Skinny Microcara Zero or pdc’s Pmel Essence Mascara Base.

1. innisfree – Skinny Microcara Zero (#01 Black)
2. Etude House – Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara (Black)
3. pdc – Pmel Essence Mascara Base
4. The Saem – Saemmul Perfect Curling Mascara
5. ISEHAN – Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Super Waterproof

Blush, Contour and Highlighter

If you still remember, Living Coral is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019. The trend is reflected in the top choices for blushes. Meanwhile, too cool for school’s Art Class By Rodin Shading defends the throne for contouring.

1. too cool for school – Art Class By Rodin Shading
2. Aritaum – Sugarball Cushion Cheek Color (#3 Daisy Coral)
3. 3 CONCEPT EYES – Blush Cushion (Coral)
4. 3 CONCEPT EYES – Mood Recipe Face Blush (Rose Beige)
5. Holika Holika – Jellime Highlighter (#01 Feel So Candy)

Face Powder

We need face powder mostly to set the makeup and control sebum production –that’s why the top five face powders all boast sebum control function. Having been the bestselling face powder for 2018, innisfree’s No Sebum Mineral Powder continues to be a lot of gals’ go-to.

1. innisfree – No Sebum Mineral Powder
2. Etude House – Zero Sebum Drying Powder
3. innisfree – No-Sebum Moisture Powder
4. EGLIPS – Blur Powder Pact (#21)
5. Etude House – Play 101 Setting Powder (#05 Sebum Control Powder)

Lip Color

Lipsticks or lip tints? The latter seems to be the answer for most YesStyle customers. Color-wise, cherry and rose are failsafe options that never go out of style.

1. 3 CONCEPT EYES – Velvet Lip Tint (Daffodil)
2. Etude House – Dear Darling Water Gel Tint (#RD307 Watermelon Red)
3. Etude House – Dear Darling Water Tint (Cherry Ade)
4. 3 CONCEPT EYES – Mood Recipe 2 Matte Lip Color (#221 Mellow Flower)
5. A’PIEU – Water Light Tint (#RD03 Bitter Rose)

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