Monsta X Wonho’s Beach Style

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Monsta X is a seven-member boy group under Starship Entertainment that was formed in 2015 through the grueling survival TV show No Mercy. Wonho is the lead vocalist and visual of the group. No stranger to the limelight, he was an ulzzang in high school and also appeared on the third season of the TV show Ulzzang Shidae before his debut.

The K-pop star has a keen eye for fashion and zeroes in on even the tiniest details. Monbebes (Monsta X’s official fandom name) have certainly noticed how unique his stage outfits are. The group’s stylist has mentioned on multiple occasions that Wonho makes suggestions for his outfits and even goes as far as sending designs. It’s no wonder Monsta X has voted Wonho as their most stylish member!

Monsta X Wonho's Beach Style illustration by Dianne G.

Sleeveless Tee & Printed Button Up

Seoul Homme - GERIO - Letter-Patterned Short-Sleeve Shirt


A muscle tee is a must-have for Wonho the gym bunny! The white top is constructed in breathable cotton with a crew neck. It’s perfect for the beach and goes well with the yellow slogan-emblazoned button-up.

The Monsta X member often styles his shirt haphazardly, letting it hang off his frame. His unbuttoned top is usually seen clinging to dear life on his shoulders while casually blowing in the wind.

This whole outfit is clean with a solid-tone base, punctuated only by the contrasting all-over lettering of the button-up shirt. Made of cotton-polyester mix, the piece is great for the beach as it offers a breathable cover-up under the sun.

Lime Green Shorts & Baseball Cap

Seoul Homme - JOGUNSHOP -

Servin’ eye-popping lime green realness, the monochromatic matching of the shorts and baseball cap amps up the brightness of the button-up shirt and takes the casual beach outfit to a Wonho-worthy level.

Of course, comfort is key when you’re at the beach.  The swimming shorts are loose-fitting and constructed with a comfortable elasticized waistband. Monbebes are no stranger to this familiar piece in Wonho’s wardrobe as he is often seen wearing shorts on the way to the airport.

The baseball cap is a staple to all K-pop stars. It’s a multifunctional accessory for keeping on the down low from fans and paparazzi, as well as protecting skin from the sun. The embroidered blue lettering at its center front and sides also ties in with the bold lettering of the yellow shirt.

 Sandals & Barrel Bag

Seoul Homme - Belted Faux-Leather Sandals1072910174

Sure, strappy sandals might be associated with dads on vacation mode, but Wonho makes them work as he’s often seen in the casual footwear at the airport! Plus, there’s a reason why dads love them so much — they’re super comfortable and can be easily taken off and cleaned when sand filters in.

The yellow and teal barrel bag is incredibly multifunctional. This waterproof piece is constructed in PVC, complete  with multiple compartments for every beach essential. It’s also equally functional for travel and Wonho’s constant trips to the gym!

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