BLESSED MOON Blemoon Kit Review

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Ever dreamt of pocket-sized makeup that actually allows you to do your full face wherever, whenever, you want? Introducing the Blemoon Kit, designed by Korean makeup brand BLESSED MOON. Perfect for travel, this extremely portable and cleverly designed compact is intended to fit in a handbag and can bestow pretty makeup in minutes!

The Blemoon Kit comes in a sleek little box in a matching color. The actual compact is coated in soft-touch silicon with a matte finish that’s easy to clean and leaves your fingertips yearning for more.

At the moment, the kit is available in two editions: Rocovely in a pink case and Jamong in a light pink case. Both kits are also available in black cases. Each holds a foundation, a blush, two eye shadows and a lip color. The compact is fitted with a slim mirror, and the sleek compartments on the edge contain an eyeliner pencil and a dual-end eye shadow brush. When these run out, don’t throw the case away. Even though only blush refills and lip refills are available at the moment, you can always turn the compact into a lip and cheek kit!

Blemoon Kit Rocovely

The Blemoon Kit in Rocovely consists of dusk rose hues alongside warm caramel brown and muted rose gold, which work well together to create soft and feminine makeup. The foundation shade was a little too light for my skin tone (and there was too little formula), so I used it as an eye primer before applying the cream eye shadows.

Because the eye shadow shades aren’t particularly pigmented, if you want to create a deep-set look like mine below, use at least three layers of each shade to intensify the color to achieve the gradient effect. I used the sponge-tip of the included brush to apply the eye shadows and the brush side to blend under my eyes.

Just from looking at the shades, I knew the blush would sit nicely to create a subtle flush. With its creamy formula, it was really easy to apply, blend and build on skin.

I expected the lip color to deliver a dark mauve pink, but it was actually more of a muted rose pink. It also comes in the same creamy texture, which gives the lips an easy velvety finish.

Blemoon Kit Jamong Juicy

As its name suggests, the Blemoon Kit in Jamong Juicy comes in an array of vibrant coral, peach, gold and vermillion shades inspired by grapefruit, which is what Jamong means in Korean. Because the colors in this kit are more vibrant than the Rocovely, one layer of each easily creates a nice and vivid look. In the look below, I applied each color twice to really make it pop.

I used the pinkish eye shadow on my lids and the orange-gold tone on the lash line. Although the eye shadows aren’t as pigmented as my usual, I actually quite like the subtlety of the combination when completed with the brown pencil eyeliner it came with. The blush and lip shades work perfectly together to bring out a refreshing pop of color. The overall look really suits the summer season and is definitely party-appropriate!

The Verdict

One of the biggest cons of this super adorable kit is the foundation – it only comes in one shade (#21) which won’t suit everyone. In my case, I have more of a warm tone that requires at least #23. Also, due to the compact design, the foundation comes in the same amount as the other shades, which is too little to cover the full face. I imagine it’s intended to be used more as a concealer. For those who find the foundation way too light, I suggest using it as an eye shadow primer instead.

The creamy formulation of the shades felt great on the skin. For the blush and the lip color, the texture and formula left a blurred, matte, yet really soft finish on my lips and cheeks. But the eye shadows didn’t work as well in comparison. When the cream formula was used on my eye area, creases quickly formed just minutes after application.

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