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School’s out for summer! Being a YesStylist editor, I don’t really get a summer holiday anymore, but I do get to create my own summer look. While my fellow editor Dianne did a glam look for the beach,a gaming look befits my character more. Just because I’m staying indoors to play some NES Classic, it doesn’t mean that I can’t have a bit of glitter and shimmer on my face. To create my retro gamer girl vibes, I’ve selected makeup products that sculpt a summer-friendly look while evoking a retro neon-lit mood


MEMEBOX – PONY EFFECT Limited Cushion Foundation COVERSTAY

Left: Two layers of foundation Right: Moisturized face

I started with MEMEBOX’s PONY EFFECT Limited Cushion Foundation COVERSTAY. The puff has a soft rubbery feel, and one press of the puff delivers enough formula for natural coverage with a semi-matte finish over half the face. The cushion’s scent reminds me of baby powder as it’s calming and fragrant. The COVERSTAY Foundation is meant to boast high coverage on imperfections, but the blemish coverage was only passable for me, most likely because I used the wrong shade. I picked the Rose Ivory shade this time, which turned out to be significantly lighter than my actual skin tone.

This cushion compact is formulated with sebum-control powder, which helps oily and combination skin to retain a matte look in summer. As I have dry skin, I found that the formula doesn’t particularly suit me. It sat on top of my skin and didn’t completely adhere.


CLIO – Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo Pen XP

My eyebrows are dark but rather sparse, so even though my full fringe covers most of my brows, I still almost always draw them whenever I put makeup on. CLIO’s Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo Pen XP in #01 Earth Brown is close to my natural hair color while not looking too dark. With a tint-like formula, it leaves a semi-permanent and budge-proof finish once the ink has dried, making it perfect for the summer heat! It’s fitted with an angled tip, and can be applied just like a highlighter marker. Those with less brow hair can literally draw their brows in a swipe or two.

Eye Shadows

Peripera – Sugar Jelly Color Palette (ASMR Collection)

1. Base layer – Butter Jelly 2. Second base layer – Pink Meringue
3. Main color – Brown Spread 4. Lash line and corners – Pink Morning Pearl

Moving on to the eye shadow, I went with peripera’s Sugar Jelly Color Palette (ASMR Collection) to create a slightly deep-set look. The formula has an unusually rubbery softness, which isn’t what you usually expect from a creamy eye shadow. The color doesn’t transfer onto skin that effectively when using a brush, so I ended up applying all the layers using my fingertips. I began with the nearly nude Butter Jelly to set my base, applied a fair amount of Pink Meringue as the first layer of color, then applied Brown Spread as the main color with my ring finger to create depth for my eyelids. Using my pinky, I applied the only glimmering shade of the palette to highlight my lower lash lines.

Eyes, Contour, Blush

Left: Highlight Middle: Contour Right: Blush

I completed my eye makeup with peripera’s Sugar Twinkle Liquid Shadow (ASMR Collection) in #08 Pink Sprinkle. I applied only about one swipe of product on each eye – mainly at the center of the lid and the inner corners as highlighter since the formula is rather glittery and creamy.

To bring out the retro aspect of the look, I added a little contour on the edges of my face, nose and parts of my jawline using Merry monde’s Love Crush Heart Stick SHADING. When blended, it creates a subtle contour that gives my face more dimension.

For blush, I used peripera’s Sugar Candy Tint Stick (ASMR Collection) in #02 Peach Flavor, which I also applied on my lips. It leaves a glossy light peach color, and as its name suggests, it has a juicy peach scent as well! Following the structure of my cheekbones, I used my index and middle fingers to softly blend out the color for a dewy finish.

Highlight and Lips

Left: Highlight Right: Lip tint

To increase luminance, I brushed light strokes of Merry monde‘s Love Crush Heart Stick HIGHLIGHTER on my cheekbones, under my brow bones, at the center of my nose, and on the tip of my cupid’s bow. I completed the look with the super juicy Sugar Candy Tint Stick (ASMR Collection) on my lips for a dewy touch of color that matches my cheeks.

The Verdict

The eye shadow colors aren’t particularly vivid or suitable for intricate eye makeup, but they’re definitely good for a natural look with a soft blush effect. I added a little eyeliner in the end to give my eyes more definition. You may also want to throw on a little mascara.

Despite accidentally picking a foundation shade that’s too light for me, I’m pretty happy with the finished look.

The Sugar Candy Tint Stick leaves a slightly sticky finish as standard for gloss products, so I suggest blotting it with tissue. Aside from that, I really like the color!

Complete with the contouring shade and highlighter from Merry monde, the overall effect is dewy and glowy without looking over the top. It’s subtly retro and quite an easy look to wear.

Who says you can’t look both glam and natural? Give yourself a little feel-good boost even when you’re staying home all day!

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