Small Talk: What’s In Our Beauty Bag?

With summer in full swing, we at the YesStylist have taken to wondering how our co-YesStylists get their everyday makeup to stay put under the dreaded seasonal humidity and heat. Instead of trying a funky new face mask, or eating collagen jelly this time around, we’ve decided to gather and share some of our favorite essentials that we currently carry inside our bags.

After all, sharing is caring! If you want to know our secrets to keeping our makeup fresh, scroll down to see what’s inside our beauty bags:

Zoe: The weather is sooooooo hot outside!

Maureen: Yes I’m melting!

Romy: Ikr, my makeup is always melting!


Zoe: I hate summer! It makes me feel wet and sticky. Worst of all, my makeup won’t stay put! Romy always manages to keep her makeup in place though. 😮

innisfree – Mint Calming Kit FILA Limited Edition  |  Burt’s Bees – Lip Balm  |  romand – Zero Gram Matte Lipstick  |  LANEIGE – Water Bank Hydro Mist  |  SON & PARK – Highlighter Cube  |  LANEIGE – Finger Graphic Liner16brand – Sixteen Finger Mini Mirror

Dianne:Yeah! She always looks so fresh.

Zoe: Romy, what’s your secret?

Romy: Even carrying those portable fans don’t seem to help cool me down! I always carry a facial mist though. I find that it helps freshen up my makeup a bit after sweating on my way to work!

Dianne: But won’t that ruin your makeup? 😮

Romy: Not at all! The great thing about the mist from LANEIGE is it doesn’t smudge my makeup.

Dianne: Do you switch up your makeup routine in the summer? I’m always afraid that my eyeliner will just melt off. #thanksglobalwarming

Zoe: Yeah, like how do you prep your face before makeup in summer?

Romy: Switching up my skin care in summer is more important for me. I need to use a light moisturizer so my makeup doesn’t melt off! For eye makeup, I always use an eye primer before applying eyeliner so it stays put all day and I don’t end up with raccoon eyes, haha.

Dianne: Btw love your lipstick! It’s so you!

Romy: I love it too! It applies so smoothly (of course after I apply my favorite lip balm from Burt’s Bees). The color makes my lips look so bold!


Maureen: Which one do you use?

Romy: I’m using the Zero Gram Matte Lipstick from romand! I got the #13 Midnight shade.

Zoe: Ooh snap, I’m obsessed with romand too!

Dianne: Ugh yassss, their packaging is uh-mazing!!

Romy: Yeah I love their packaging too!

Zoe: Always so Instragrammable.

BABOSARANG – “ESTHER LOVES YOU” Series Printed Pouch  |  EGLIPS – Saranghae-Zoo Dual Concealer  |  A’PIEU – Frizzy Hair Stick  |  romand – Zero Cushion Holika Holika – Heart Crush Lipstick Matt  |  MEMEBOX – I’M MEME I’m Multi Stick innisfree – No Sebum Mineral Powder Rabbit Benny Edition

Zoe: I myself have switched to a romand zero cushion compact for summer. 😛

Dianne: Ooooh how is it?

Romy: Does it manage to stay put even with the hot weather?

Zoe: It’s so light but with a good coverage! Yeah, surprisingly it doesn’t really melt even under the heat. I like its semi-matte finish – saves me from applying powder foundation on top! ❤

Dianne: Your hair is always on fleek too!

My hair is an untamable mane #curlyhairproblems

Zoe: Lol thanks.

Romy: Yeah you always look like you just got a blow out from the salon. Your hair always looks so smooth!

Zoe: Omg thanks guys hahah,

Romy: With all this humidity, what hair products do you use to tame your hair?

Zoe: Well, I have a lot of baby hairs and extremely annoying flyaways on top of my head. But I started using A’PIEU’s frizzy hair stick to tame them during the day! I’m a bit OCD with my hair tbh.

Dianne: I feel like you’re always fiddling with a concealer more than with your hair.

Zoe: Hahaha so true. I can’t live without the Saranghae-Zoo Dual Concealer from EGLIPS at the mo!😀

Maureen: Concealers are a must.

Romy: Is it high coverage?

Dianne: I remember reading about this in your concealer review!

Zoe: Well done for remembering! It has become my absolute essential — super creamy, super high coverage and no creases omg!

Maureen: Do the shades match your skin tone?

Zoe: The best thing about it is that it’s fitted with two shades in one! When I’m tanned, I usually opt for the darker shade, but when I’m only wearing concealer and no foundation, the lighter shade is perfect.

Zoe: Do you have a favorite, Maureen?

The Saem – Cover Perfection Tip Concealer SPF28 PA++  |  peripera – Ink Corrector  | THE FACE SHOPAir Cotton Makeup Base SPF30 PA++  |  MACQUEEN – Waterproof Pen Eyeliner

Maureen: I have to use Contour Beige, the darkest shade from THE SAEM’s Tip Concealer. 😀

Dianne: I’ve been meaning to try that out! Is it any good? I hate layering on makeup in this heat!

Maureen: It has a good coverage and doesn’t melt away easily. I also love its wand design so it’s easy to carry around.

Romy: Does your concealer cover dark spots or is it just for the undereye area?

Maureen: It’s not the best for covering undereye circles. I actually use peripera’s Dark Thief Peach Ink Corrector for that.

Dianne: Their packaging is also uber cute!

Maureen: Yes! I love peripera’s mini fridges too.

Romy: I like how tiny they are so they can easily fit in your everyday bag!

Zoe: So light! Do you use anything else before applying the corrector and concealer?

Maureen: I love color correctors. My primer’s kind of a color corrector + primer + sunblock all in one.

Dianne: Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen! The most important thing to carry under the sun!

Zoe: Sounds handy! Which one are you using right now?

Maureen: I use the Mint version of THE FACE SHOP’s Air Cotton Makeup Base. It’s very affordable too. 😎

Romy: Can’t live without sunscreen! Does this leave a white cast?

Maureen: It really doesn’t! Instead it helps cancel out my blemishes.

Dianne: Maybe i should try that one out too!

Zoe: Are you finally adapting sunscreen into your routine, Dianne?

3CE – Pink Rumour Pouch TROIAREUKE – Skin Complex Formula  |  innisfree – No Sebum Mineral Powder (Toy Story Edition)  |  innisfree – Skinny Brow Mascara  |  3CE – Red Recipe Matte Lip Color  |  SKINRx LAB – MadeCera Cream  |  THE FACE SHOP – Gelato Tint  |  3CE – Sharpen Edge Brow Pencil MEMEBOX – I’M MEME I’m Tic Toc Tint Lip BALM  |  MISSHA – All Around Safe Block Aqua Sun Gel

Dianne: I’ve been using a sun gel because my skin is like an oil spill. Especially in the summer, sunscreen is a MUST now in my routine ~ Can you imagine I used to think I didn’t need it?!?!! 😛

Romy: Oooh I love sun gels. They absorb into skin so much faster! You were crazy to not use sunscreen, that’s like a crime in beauty world, haha!

Dianne: Exactly! Oily skin folks are so unlucky in the summer~ :/ Like Romy, I also carry around a face mist.

Zoe: Which one?

Dianne: I use Troiareuke’s skin complex formula.

Zoe: You still have some left?!


Maureen: I used up two bottles in two months

Dianne: We did a review about at the beginning of this year and I’ve been in love with it ever since! I’m already on my 3rd bottle! It’s so multifunctional.

Dianne: Catch me outside spraying it ALL OVER my face AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.

Romy: Do you use it as a toner too? Or just as a facial mist throughout the day?

Dianne: I use it as both a toner and a mist~ I abuse it. 😛

Maureen: How does it react with makeup? I never tried wearing it with makeup.

Dianne: I actually don’t wear that much makeup in the summer. Apart from innisfree’s no sebum mineral powder, there’s nothing on my skin. I’ve got the special edition Toy Story version in the yellow Woody packaging!

Maureen: Gotta see that movie tonight, no spoilers pls.

Dianne: OMG I haven’t seen it yet either! I heard it’s unexpected and sad. 😥

Romy: Shhh I haven’t seen it either!

Zoe: Hahaha I’ll keep my mouth zipped.

Dianne: lol I love innisfree~ they always have special packaging

I’ve been using the skinny brow mascara for FOREVER! I love it so much but i hope they come out with a special packaging edition!

Maureen: Ohh that one’s so delicate.

Dianne: Yeah gotta keep my brows on fleek.

Romy: No wonder your brows are always on fleek.

Dianne: Thanks~ It’s water and sweat resistant so it’s great for the summer.

Zoe: I’m more of a brow powder and tint gal, what’s a browcara formula like?

Dianne: It’s quite thick in consistency in comparison to a tint. My eyebrow hairs are really long so I’d like to think of the browcara as a hairspray for my brows.

Dianne: It doesn’t budge at all even with all the sweating and sebum!

Maureen: So it’s waterproof?

Dianne: Yusss.

Zoe: Can you imagine this heat without waterproof makeup!

Romy: Perfect for beach and pool parties then!

Dianne: And with this heat I just wanna yeet myself into the water.

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