5 K-Beauty Skin Care Brands We Can’t Wait To Get Our Hands On

As a skin care enthusiast, I like to stay updated with the latest drops in the beauty market, and of course, I’m constantly on the lookout for new brands and products to try.

YesStyle carries over 1000 skin care and makeup brands from Korea, Japan, Australia, USA and more. Whether you’re a skin care lover who wants to give K-Beauty a go or you’re looking to introduce some new products from up-and-coming brands to your skin care routine, this post can give you a head start.

The sheer number of brands available can easily cloud your shopping choices so hopefully this post makes your life a bit easier! Check out these five K-Beauty skin care brands that the YesStylist Editors can’t wait to get our hands on:


Korean brand WELLAGE landed on YesStyle not too long ago. The brand offers a range of anti-aging skin care products that are formulated with EWG-verified ingredients and free from harmful chemicals. Start incorporating anti-aging skin care products into your routine as soon as possible – prevention is key!

WELLAGE’s bestselling Real Hyaluronic Bio Capsule & Blue Solution One Day Kit, Gold Collagen One Day Kit and Real Hyaluronic Capsule Serum are worth a try if you’re looking to fight those fine lines or minimize your chances of getting them. 

Products to try from the brand:



Does your skin easily react when testing out new products? If the answer’s yes, then SIORIS is the perfect brand for you. SIORIS is a clean beauty brand that follows a “fresh, safe, and honest” philosophy. The brand sources all its ingredients from local farms, making sure they’re organic and cruelty-free. Their products are great for sensitive skin as the formulas are made without petrochemicals. Since the brand’s products are made with only the freshest ingredients, the shelf life of most products don’t reach an average of 12 months. A shorter shelf life means you get maximum benefits so be sure to check the use-by date!

Some of the brand’s most hyped-up products include the Time Is Running Out Mist, Cleanse Me Softly Milk Cleanser and A Calming Day Ampoule. If you have dry and sensitive skin like one of our editors, you can follow her skin care regimen featuring SIORIS

Products to try from the brand:



BRTC is short for Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetics. Founded in 2012, BRTC provides highly functional skin care essentials that are all cruelty-free. The brand’s V10 Multi-Life Sleeping Pack is highly sought after. Thanks to its vitamins and peptides, this sleeping pack improves your skin’s overall condition in 12 different ways such as brightening a dull complexion, nourishing skin and enhancing the skin’s elasticity. It also contains centella asiatica leaf water extracts and sea buckthorn fruit extracts that help soothe irritated skin. Plus, it doesn’t leave a tacky feeling so you’ll wake up to plump and glowing skin! 

Products to try from the brand:


so natural

Just based on the brand name itself, you already get a hint of what so natural is. This Korean brand creates products using only the finest components, like ECOCERT-certified raw ingredients, and their products are free from artificial dyes and scents. If you enjoy filling your vanity with beautifully packaged skin care items, then you’ll easily be drawn to so natural’s cute packaging. 

The brand is known for their masks, so reserve some time for a masking sesh and try one of their bestsellers, the Facial Design Pink Mud Mask. The mask is infused with pink mud and volcanic ash to help get rid of excess sebum and impurities buried deep inside your pores. 

Products to try from the brand:


make p:rem

If you’re not a K-Beauty newbie, then you’ve probably heard of the brand make p:rem. Adopting the Nordin lagom concept meaning just the right amount, make p:rem aims to simplify your skin care routine with multifunctional products. make p:rem keeps the ingredients lists minimal and uses natural ingredients like Arctic raspberry extract, Finnish birch sap, and peat water from Denmark in their products. The brand also uses the patented Micro Trans Moisture Technology, which helps ingredients sink into skin more effectively. 

Don’t know where to start? Go for their sunscreen or super hydrating creams!

Products to try from the brand:


Have you tried any of these brands yet? If not, start adding them to your cart! Be sure to stay tuned for the next post on five makeup brands that we can’t wait to get our hands on!

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