Couple Wear from K-Drama HER PRIVATE LIFE

Are you keeping your hobbies a secret because you’re too ashamed to admit them to everyone else? Adapted from Korean novel Noona Dot Com, K-Drama Her Private Life illustrates the dilemma of a heroine who has to conceal her side passion.

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Aired from April 10 to May 30 on tvN, the 16-episode drama centers around Sung Deok-mi (played by Park Min-young), who is an art museum curator by day and a die-hard K-pop fan and fan-site manager by night. Her double lives begin to merge when the museum’s new art director Ryan Gold (played by Kim Jae-wook) decides to collaborate with Deok-mi’s idol Shi-an (played by rapper ONE) for the museum’s 5th anniversary exhibition.

Despite its resemblance to Park Min-young’s previous drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim genre-wise, Her Private Life manages to spice things up fashion-wise with Deok-mi and Ryan’s artistically coordinated couple wear. In fact, they dress alike even before becoming a couple! Isn’t it sweet when your romantic interest wears matching outfits with you by chance? That joy is hard to hide!

Beige Trench Coat + Jeans

On their (forced) first date, Deok-mi and Ryan both wear beige trench coats and jeans. It’s a smart and foolproof choice since these pieces flatter both men and women without trying too hard. The classic outfit also suits their casual date at the park.

Pink + Blue Power Suits

The key to going matchy-matchy is not to actually wear the same outfits, but rather outfits that match. Deok-mi and Ryan each have their own color preferences – pink for Deok-mi and blue for Ryan. Since these two colors complement each other already, they just have to wear monochrome to create an unspoken air of chemistry. Deok-mi’s many different shades of pink include coral, salmon, hot pink, pale pink and baby pink, whereas Ryan’s wardrobe ranges from navy and Prussian blue to blue-gray, sky blue and baby blue – the variations are endless. Even better, Ryan sometimes wears pink and Deok-mi sometimes wears navy, as if they’re showing their mutual approval and support.

They tango with pink and blue power suits so well that you’d wonder if they just swapped clothes overnight! However, on closer look, you’ll notice that their clothes are actually quite different. Deok-mi’s suits generally boast a flattering feminine cut with flared trousers and posh and elegant details, such as ruffled peplum hems, puffed shoulders, cropped sleeves and long rows of buttons at the cuffs. She also wears a silky or knitted camisole coupled with a lariat necklace and bejeweled earrings to accentuate this feminine elegance.


Patterns are another easy way to dress in sync. Usually just one of them sports a pattern (either checks or pinstripes) while the other is in solid colors, but the two actually both wear checks in episode 15. Ryan wears a windowpane suit and Deok-mi dons colorful yet understated small checks. The contrast in color and pattern sizes keeps the combination interesting visually.

Same Color, Different Shades

Occasionally, Deok-mi and Ryan wear the same colors, such as gray, duck green, khaki and even yellow. When they do so, the shades are usually slightly different. They also tend to throw versatile colors like black and white into their outfits, which helps string their looks together.

Matching Sleepwear

So, what if – and it’s quite likely this is the case – your partner doesn’t work in the same office as you? Don’t worry, you two can still match after work! Wearing coordinated sleepwear is a very sweet way of showing affection, because bedtime is always the most intimate.

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