Rock a Casual On-Trend Gen Z Look with ITZY’s Yeji

Style Files

Having only debuted this year in February, ITZY is the latest girl group from JYP Entertainment and they’re already being dubbed “monster rookies”! The quintet’s music video for their debut song DALLA DALLA is vibrant with a strong girl crush image.

Yeji is the leader, main dancer, lead vocalist and also lead rapper of the group. She created a buzz even before debut when she briefly appeared on the SBS survival TV game show The Fan. Now that she’s debuted, the young idol continues to impress viewers with her chic and on-trend style that oozes Gen Z flair.

Style Files: ITZY's Yeji Illustration by Dianne G.

Striped Cropped Tee & Black Cargo Pants

icecream12 - Striped Slim-Fit Cropped TopShira - Cropped Cargo Pants

ITZY has made a huge splash even in the already saturated K-pop market, so it only makes sense to splash Yeji in eye-popping shades! I’ve chosen an orange and neon striped crop top that’s versatile and easy to move around in, making it perfect for summer.

The cargo pants in her favorite black color contrast with the top’s bright hue and reinforce the girl crush vibes. I’ve styled her in slightly loose-fitting pants with bellow pockets featuring straps, which add structure to the slim-cut silhouette while still adhering to the modern street-style aesthetic.

Color Block Sock Sneakers & Neon PVC Belt Bag

DANI LOVE - Two-Tone Sock Sneakersicecream12 - Transparent Plastic Sling Bag

Yeji is already making headlines for her unique and on-trend style, and nothing is currently trendier than sock sneakers and belt bags!

These sneakers are a perfect mix of some of the trendiest styles in the sneaker world today. The design has the chunky soles of dad shoes, color block details for a retro twist, and a high-top sock cut that taps into the modern sneaker look. The orange and white details also match the striped top and create a color block effect with the black pants.

Neon shades are trending for makeup and they’re making their way into accessories as well! This retro belt bag is made with an equally retro material, PVC, making it a stand-out piece. I love matching secondary colors together as it instantly elevates any outfit. The neon green and orange add the extra pop that this monster rookie needs to stand out from the crowd!

Wirework Earrings & Color Block Hair Pins

Chlo.D.Manon - FROMBEGINNING - Two-Tone Hair Pin Set of 4

Hoop earrings may be perfect for any look, but vibrant yellow wirework earrings add quirkiness and fun!

Zeroing in on the smaller details of her outfit, I’ve gone with color block hair pins to match the color block shoes. By layering the hair pins, the symmetrical and on-trend styling also highlights the stripes on her top.

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