PETITFEE Chamomile + Agave Hydrogel Eye Masks Review

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I’ve had dark eye circles ever since childhood. It doesn’t even matter if I sleep well or not, or whether I drink lots of water before going to bed. They’re like inborn tattoos. I’ve long accepted this fact, and have been hiding them with concealers every day! I never believed in eye care at all – but that was before I reached my thirties. Seeing the exponential increase of wrinkles at the corners of my eyes, and sagging eyelids that make my eyes look twice as small, I finally decided to give my peepers some TLC. Yes, it’s quite late, but at least I’m trying.

Taking its name from the French words “petite” (little) and “fee” (fairy), Korean brand PETITFEE is best known for its hydrogel eye masks incorporating luxurious ingredients like gold, pearl, ruby, snail filtrate and EGF. Tapping into the naturalistic trend, the brand launched two botanical-based hydrogel eye masks this summer – the Chamomile Lightening and Agave Cooling Hydrogel Eye Masks.

The chamomile masks contain extracts from yellow fruits and flowers such as chamomile, yuzu, vitamin tree, and pumpkin alongside freesia, malt, mugwort and green tea, while the agave ones are infused with agave, blueberry, eggplant, caffeine, spirulina and seaweed extracts. Each jar includes 30 pairs and a transparent plastic spatula.

Hoping to alleviate my dark circles, I tried the chamomile first. The patches come in a subtle shimmery yellow, with a fruity smell and slippery texture that reminds me of konjac. It’s rather easy to separate them from one another using the tiny spatula, which I’ve been keeping in the jar. To my surprise, they’re more minty than the agave version.

Even though the suggested duration of application on the eye area is 15-20 minutes, they took around an hour to dry up on my under-eyes. The patches only drip a little and adhere quite firmly unless you’ve applied cream on your face – which you shouldn’t. They’re almost flat like a bandage when completely dry. It’s very satisfying seeing them dry up, although I usually remove them before they flatten to prevent the patches from absorbing moisture back from my skin. The blue agave ones carry exactly the same scent as the yellow ones but feel less minty on skin.

I also tried wearing them on my laugh lines, forehead and cheeks. They helped to detect which parts of my face were the driest, and were perfect for targeting specific areas. I also found that the closer I placed them near my eyes, the more effective they were at eliminating puffiness and dark circles.

I’ve been alternating between the chamomile and agave patches, wearing them 2-3 times a week for a month. Even though I still apply concealer on my under-eyes, the dark circles are now less obvious, and my eyes are far less puffy than they were before. I also found the skin around my eyes a little firmer and wrinkles less visible. The concealer applies more smoothly and there’s less creasing.

I can’t really tell which one’s better but I guess it really depends on your needs. The chamomile version brightens and revitalizes, while the agave version cools, soothes and firms. If you want them for the whole face, try these face mask sets!

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