Chit Chat with Ha Neul

She’s a Korean model slash blogger slash girl boss. Who is she? None other than Ha Neul!

Before launching her own brands, Ha Neul shared beauty and lifestyle content on her YouTube channel, which helped her gain a massive audience over the years. After successfully establishing her online presence, Ha Neul decided to start her own business with lingerie shopping site Haneul Haneul.

Ha Neul has always been fascinated by makeup and with that passion, and the support of her YouTube family of over 790,000 subscribers, Ha Neul successfully launched her second brand – the cosmetics brand Peach C

Read on to get to know Ha Neul and find out how she manages her time between being a CEO and blogger. You’ll also learn some beauty tips and get a peek at exciting things to come from her brand Peach C!

Between managing your brands and your social media channels, how do you stay organized and motivated?

I plan my schedule carefully, dividing my time into 30 minute units. I used this method for about 3 years and it helped me spend my time effectively, as I could focus on and finish my tasks in those time periods. There’s such a sense of accomplishment after finishing something! Or when my schedule and meetings of the day are all finished, I feel like I really worked hard. My plans for my brands and YouTube channel give me motivation and make me work hard every day.

Did you ever see yourself doing what you do now?

I have been a model since I was young. Back then, I thought about why there were shopping sites for clothes but not for lingerie? Being curious, I started a lingerie shopping site. I continued to be a model and ran the shopping site at the same time, and now I am the CEO of lingerie shopping site Haneul Haneul and cosmetics brand Peach C!  I didn’t have this exact dream, but I kept improving and developing, which brought me to where I am now.

How did you learn to apply makeup?

I started my YouTube beauty channel and became familiar with makeup. At first, I got help from subscribers and received feedback from them, which helped my makeup skills improve. Also, running the channel gives me chances to try various makeup products. Thanks to that, I launched cosmetics brand Peach C and have received lots of love!

What are some beauty tips that you follow?

I always go traveling so I prefer makeup that is convenient to carry around and can be used all in one go! For example, one product can be a shader, blusher and eye makeup all at the same time, like a multi palette. We are now making a new product: a multi palette in soft brown that will launch in August! You can easily finish a full makeup look with only one product. I’m looking forward to it!

What’s the next project you’re working on that you can share with us?

My next important project is to increase the number of Peach C products and raise awareness with customers all around the world! We are working hard at creating new packaging with better quality and lovely new designs. Please support the growing Peach C brand!

All images: @haneulina

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