9 Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed This Summer

Even though summer is the golden time to test out trending prints, it’s perfectly fine to go monochrome if you know how to accessorize it. Running out of ideas? Here are some!

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Raffia Hat

You probably already have one, but raffia hats with a frayed wide brim are on trend this summer, so make sure to get one! Also, it doesn’t hurt to invest in a hat stand to prevent your hat from becoming deformed.

Bucket Hat

Looking like a K-pop star’s never been easier – simply wear a black bucket hat. It’s especially useful for covering your dark circles after a long flight. Just pull it down a little!

Hair Clip

It used to be bandanas and headbands, but hair clips are taking the lead this summer as the perfect hair accessory. Coming in neon, acrylic, with beads or mother-of-pearl, they’re a shortcut to retro cuteness. Layer them to make a statement!

Safety Pin

The safety pin earrings trend proves that simple is best. Don’t wear just any safety pins – get these copper ones, or make a colorful display of them. You can also opt for safety pins in your hair, or on your clothes or bags.

Silk Scarf

The silk scarf trend isn’t going anywhere yet! Silk scarves with nautical prints are especially popular. Wrap one around the top handle of your basket, PVC bag, or wear it on your head and neck. A silk scarf promises to make you look instantly more sophisticated however you choose to wear it.

Oversized Swim Goggles

Sunglasses can be oversized, so why can’t swimming goggles be big too? Looking more like ski goggles, these oversized swimming goggles present a wider vision and simply look more stunning when worn. Go for mirrored lenses to look even cooler!

Basket Bag

Off to summer picnics? Don’t forget your basket bag! Soft woven basket bags are good for squeezing into trains, but for weekends I’d prefer more structured ones made from rattan.

Print Socks

Art hoe all the way with these printed socks woven featuring paintings from Van Gogh, Cezanne, Klimt and more! Yellow is great but any neon color is as flamboyant.

Neon Sandals

I’ve been talking a lot about neon ever since my swimwear trends article. Neon colors come in handy when you need a pop of color to refresh your outfit. Apart from sharp monochromes, you can also mix neon with pastels for an iridescent palette. A pair of neon green snake skin sandals with barely-there straps is ideal if you need some attention-seeking footwear!

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