Summer Glam Makeup with Village 11 Factory X J. Col

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I recently tried the Village 11 Factory Refresh 2 Step Masks on Small Talk along with my fellow YesStylist editors. Incredibly impressed with the packaging and the efficacy of the brand’s skin care, I wanted to try out their makeup range this time!

Village 11 Factory By J. Col

The Village 11 Factory collaboration with famous Korean makeup artist J. Col  was recently released, and consists of a sun base, a cover pact, eye shadows and a lip tint all in cute matte pink packaging that I couldn’t wait to try out!

Daily Boosting Sun Base

Daily Boosting Sun BaseDaily Boosting Sun Base

With the amount of sweating I do in the summer, it’s important to have a good base for makeup! Oily skin and heavy makeup are not a great combo so I frequently do touchups throughout the day. One of the reasons I chose to try out the Village 11 Factory x J.Col collection in the summer is because of the Daily Boosting Sun Base. It boasts an oil-absorbing powder that promises to minimize excess sebum and shine.

The Sun Base has a very smooth, white formula with a subtle floral scent. Although it does have a brightening effect, it isn’t whitening. There wasn’t a clear shade difference in my skin tone as it did not leave a white cast. It also helped my makeup stay put despite the abnormal amount of perspiration.

Air Skin Fit Cover Pact

Air Skin Fit Cover PactAir Skin Fit Cover Pact

The Air Skin Fit Cover Pact only comes in shades 21 and 23, which is common for Korean beauty products. I usually use 23 so I wasn’t too disappointed, but the lack of options is something to consider for folks who don’t fit in these shades.

Like the Sun Base, the Cover Pact boasts an oil-control powder that proves its efficacy after a long day under the sun and bouts of sweating. As promised, it also covered blemishes and my light rosacea. It didn’t feel heavy either, even as I tried to pack on more of the formula which is probably due to its moisturizing watery texture. The accompanying puff has an incredibly smooth texture; it’s kind of a silicon-like feel and is more suited for a dabbing rather than a blending motion.

Shimmer Prism Shadow

Shimmer Prism Shadow Shimmer Prism ShadowShimmer Prism Shadow

The Shimmer Prism Shadow’s two shades are Mono Light and Urban Mocha. These are not colors I usually go for but I’m not against any formulas that are strong against sebum and sweat! The two shades are easy to wear for every day looks, despite their shimmery finishes, as they’re buildable and in the neutral range. Mono Light goes on very well as a base layer or by itself. Urban Mocha is incredibly pigmented and can be layered more on the lids for night time, but I opted to use it on my lash line instead for a day look.

The eye shadows have a bit of formula fall-out with visible particles but are easy to blend together. The shades also stayed on my oily lids all day with only a little bit of creasing.

Color Stain Matte Lip Tint

Color Stain Matte Lip Tint Color Stain Matte Lip Tint

In all honesty, I was shocked how vibrant the Color Stain matte Lip Tint appears in real life in comparison to how it looks on the screen. I expected a rather more subdued shade, but I do love eye-catching shades so it was more of a pleasant surprise!

The lip tint did not disappoint in its texture and ability to last all day! It has an incredibly watery texture and once it dries, it has a semi-matte finish that doesn’t budge at all. For me, it lasted all day and I didn’t have to touch up until the evening. The lip tint is highly pigmented and a little goes a long way, so if you’re going for a gradated look, only a dab will do! It also has a very sweet fruity scent unlike the rest of the items in the collection, which have more subtle fragrances.

Final Look

Final Look<

Although this collection might be a tad bit too heavy for the beach, it’s certainly on the right side of summer glam! I finished the look with a straw hat and a white off-shoulder dress that just screams summer fun.

The makeup looked fresh and flawless and touchups were only needed at the end of the day. Going light on makeup for summer is definitely recommend, but if you’re looking for a flawless look and a little bit glam for the summer holidays, the Village 11 Factory by J.Col collection is a must-try!

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