@cosme 2019 Mid-Year Best Cosmetics Awards

We’ve reached the middle of the year! Do you feel like your 2019 has been half-empty or half-full? It’s always a good practice to stop for a moment and reflect on what’s you’ve done and plan ahead. That’s why we have all these mid-year reviews flooding in!

Coming just in time, Japan’s biggest beauty review site @cosme recently announced the winners of its “Best Cosmetics Awards 2019 – Mid-Year New Products.” Since results are based on product popularity among Japanese consumers, the award is widely recognized locally and internationally. Only new products launched from November 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019 are eligible for this award. Here goes the list!

Grand Prize

DECORTÉ’s Face Powder won the Grand Prize, meaning it was the most popular among all newly launched beauty products in Japan! The popularity of the Face Powder demonstrates the trend towards a natural-looking, bright and clear complexion. The second and third prizes were given to lipsticks. Why? Because we can never get enough of them!

1st: DECORTÉ Face Powder
2nd: MAQuillAGE Dramatic Rouge EX
3rd: CHANEL Rouge Coco Flash

Category Top

The following shows the most-loved products under each category.

Basic Skin Care

When it comes to cleansers, @cosme reviewers leaned towards LuLunLun’s Cleansing Balm, a rich balm that melts away heavy makeup. Skin care products infused with botanical extracts are a trusty go-to, as seen in the Damask rose-infused Attenir Dress Lift Lotion and the mugwort-enriched IGNIS Premium Nature Milk. Vitamin C continued to be the beauty junkies’ fave, proven by the popularity of OBAGI’s C25 Serum NEO. Bioré secured its position as the king of Japanese sunscreens, and people loved the triple-layered MAJOLICA MAJORCA Moist Cocktail Fixer, which marries lotion, serum and brightener into one.

1. Cleansing: LuLuLun Cleansing Balm
2. Face Wash: LUNASOL Smoothing Gel Wash
3. Toner & Lotion: Attenir Dress Lift Lotion
4. Emulsion: IGNIS Premium Nature Milk
5. Face Cream: CHANEL Le Blanc Crème Healthy Light Creator
6. Serum: OBAGI C25 Serum NEO
7. Sunscreen: Bioré UV Athlizm Skin Protect Essence
8. Oil: & be Barrier Oil
9. Setting Spray: MAJOLICA MAJORCA Moist Cocktail Fixer

Base Makeup

Brightening and blurring are key for base makeup. Beauty-goers looked for lightweight foundations that blur pores, such as ESPRIQUE’s Synchro Fit Pact UV. They also welcomed foundations with a tone-up effect, such as CHANEL’s Baume Essentiel, which contains light-refracting particles to make skin look brighter and dewier. The anti-sebum properties of Shu Uemura’s Unlimited Breathable Lasting Foundation and MISSHA’s Tip Concealer were also well liked.

1. Makeup Primer: LANCÔME UV Expert Tone Up Milk Rosy Bloom
2. Powder Foundation: ESPRIQUE Synchro Fit Pact UV
3. Liquid Foundation: shu uemura Unlimited Breathable Lasting Foundation
4. Cream Foundation: HAKU Medicated Whitening Beauty Serum Foundation
5. Cushion Foundation: CHANEL Le Blanc Cushion Brightening Gentle Touch Foundation
6. BB Cream: LANCÔME UV Expert BB
7. Concealer: MISSHA Tip Concealer
8. Powder: DECORTÉ Face Powder
9. Highlighter & Contour: CHANEL Baume Essentiel

Point Makeup

The award recipients for mascara and lipstick were well-expected. One thing worth mentioning is the love given to purple shades, such as CEZANNE’s Single Color Eye Shadow in Nuance Pink and UZU’s Eye Opening Liner in purple. Makeup lovers opted for a wider range of color options as provided by UZU’s Eye Opening Liner, COFFRET D’OR’s Contour Lip Duo and Visée’s Riche Lip & Cheek Cream.

1. Eye Shadow: CEZANNE Single Color Eye Shadow
2. Eyeliner: UZU BY FLOWFUSHI UZU Eye Opening Liner
3. Mascara: MAJOLICA MAJORCA Lash Expander Liquid Extensions EX
4. Eyebrows: IPSA Creative Eyebrow Elements
5. Lipstick: MAQuillAGE Dramatic Rouge EX
6. Liquid Lipstick: COFFRET D’OR Contour Lip Duo
7. Blush: Visée Riche Lip & Cheek Cream

Special Skin Care

This is the part where trendy items really shone through. Body care-wise, it was all about sensual pleasures. Who can resist a newly launched CHANEL perfume, or the whipped cream-like texture of Bouncia’s Body Soap Airy Bouquet? Don’t have a tinted lip balm, an eyelash essence or bulk packet of everyday sheet masks yet? It’s time to get some!

1. Lip Care: Shiseido D Program Lip Moist Essence Color
2. Face Pack: Quality First All In One Sheet Mask Grand Moisture
3. Eyelash Care: CEZANNE Eyelash Essence EX
4. Hair Care: Dear Beauté Himawari Oil in Shampoo Rich & Repair Shampoo/Conditioner
5. Nails: EXCEL Nail Polish
6. Deodorant & Antiperspirant: Shiseido Ag Deo 24 Deodorant Powder Spray
7. Fragrance: CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum Spray
8. Body Wash: Bouncia Body Soap Airy Bouquet
9. Body Care: HOUSE OF ROSE Body Smoother Pink Grapefruit & Lemonade

Beauty Goods

It’s not surprising to see Dyson’s Airwrap Volume + Shape on this list. In fact, all of Dyson’s beauty devices are much coveted. Other innovative items on the list include ORBIS’s Defencera, a citrus-flavored oral supplement that uses maltose syrup and rice germ extract to strengthen the skin barrier. Multifunctional products were a big hit: Prebute’s Eyelid Mat Coat doubles as a sebum absorber while creating double eyelids; and LION’s Soflan Premium Deodorizer is a fabric softener that also eliminates bad odor.

1. Health & Beauty: ORBIS Defencera
2. Beauty Goods: Prebute Eyelid Mat Coat
3. Beauty Appliances: Dyson Airwrap Volume + Shape
4. Daily Goods: Soflan Premium Deodorizer

@cosme Shopping Best Hits

This award shows what sold the best at @cosme’s online shop. Vibrant makeups like LUNASOL’s Geminate Eyes N and COFFRET D’OR’s Skin Synchro Rouge were in vogue!

1st: LANCÔME UV Expert Tone Up Milk Rosy Bloom
2nd: LUNASOL Geminate Eyes N
3rd: COFFRET D’OR Skin Synchro Rouge

@cosme Store Best Hits

This award shows what sold the best at @cosme’s physical stores. The results were the same as the Grand Prize except for KEANA NADESHIKO’s Rice Pack, which is a brightening wash-off face mask infused with rice ferment and rice bran extract.

1st: DECORTÉ Face Powder
2nd: MAQuillAGE Dramatic Rouge EX

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