Finding the Most Flattering Swimsuit for Your Body Type

With the arrival of summer also comes the optimal time of the year to flaunt your perfect swimwear, whether it’s on the beach, at a barbecue party or even just for a sunbathing sesh in your back garden.

While some people are stressing over achieving a summer-ready bod, it’s important to establish that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your natural size, body shape and height. Social media may be filled with streamlined bodies, but that shouldn’t take away your confidence. Anyone can be a mega summer goddess when they find the right swimwear that fits their vibe and body type. In fact, you don’t need to have a “summer body” at all. Mastering the art of balancing what you like and what you may want to conceal about your body is the first step towards feeling and looking great in your own skin this summer.

Broad shoulders

Those with broad shoulders can end up looking too boxy and top-heavy with the wrong kind of neckline. Avoid a neckline that draws a lot of focus on your shoulders and instead opt for designs that draw attention to other aspects of the body. Asymmetric cuts and vertical patterns can effectively strike a balance between your body and shoulders and showcase your well-formed shoulders in a flattering and sexy light.


Small chest

Those with smaller busts tend to look great in clothes, but swimwear is a whole different story. If you’re looking to add a little volume to your upper body for a more balanced figure, try a ruffle-embellished top which creates an impression of a fuller bust. If you prefer a sleeker and more minimalistic aesthetic, a simple one-piece with a little padding will work just as well.


Full bust

If you’re more on the busty side, then steer clear of string bikinis and swimsuits with really thin straps. You need a supportive top that can hold your puppies in place while also highlighting your beautiful curves in all the right ways. Opt for bathing suits with underwire and thicker bands for support.


Athletic bodice

When your waistline isn’t particularly defined, it’s easy to end up looking boyish. The key is to enhance and accentuate the subtle curves by creating a more dramatic contrast between the waist and the rest of the body. This can be done with flare-shape or A-line cuts and rounder designs as opposed to straight bandeaus or boy briefs. Any piece that has strategically placed cut-outs, ties or embellishments around the curves of your body are great for creating a more feminine silhouette.


Love handles and tummies

A fitted piece can highlight the beauty of your body shape, but not everyone’s going to have a lean and flat stomach that’s free of love handles. A good-coverage, high-waisted bottom quickly fixes this. Alternatively, a printed one-piece helps to smooth all the bumps into a streamlined silhouette.


Big booty

With a curvaceous body comes the increased likelihood of ill-fitting bikini bottoms. For those who are especially endowed with a juicy backside, the swimwear bottom needs to provide good coverage over the buttocks in order to balance the dramatic contrast between your hips and bodice. Having bottoms constantly tugging up really isn’t a good look, so avoid high-rise cuts and strappy bikini bottoms.


Flat booty

Colors, patterns, frills and ruffles are great features for areas that need a little boost in volume. A skirt-like swimwear bottom instantly achieves this effect, but for those who prefer something less girly, you can go for flirty designs that show off some cheek in order to add emphasis to your hips and create a fuller visual effect.


Short torsos

Avoid high-waist designs if you have a short torso; instead, elongate it with a low-rise bikini bottom paired with a swim top that ends right at the bustline. This can slightly exaggerate the distance between your hips and waistline, creating the impression of a more elongated torso. Halter necks, spaghetti straps and strapless tops also draw attention to your shoulders and collarbone and divert focus away from your torso.


Short legs

Visually elongating shorter legs with clothes usually isn’t too difficult, but when you’re down to just swimwear, choosing the right cuts and designs is extremely important. Opt for high-rise bottoms; whether it’s a self-tie bikini bottom or a G-string, the key is to show a little more skin around the hips and waist areas to instantly create the illusion of longer legs.


Did we miss out on anything? Comment below if you’ve yet to find a swimsuit that works for your body type.

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