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As the main dancer, vocalist, lead rapper AND face of EXO, Kai truly is a multi-faceted idol! Kai debuted as a member of the SM Entertainment boy group back in 2011. EXO takes its name from the word “exoplanet,” which refers to planets located outside of our solar system, and EXO-Ls would agree that the boys are truly out of this world!

Considering that Kai is frequently seen in the front row at fashion events, it’s a wonder that he didn’t appear on Style Files earlier! The fashionable idol is known for his effortlessly cool vibe that other idols also admire. He is often spotted in clean-cut yet casual silhouettes with impeccable tailoring, making him stand out from the crowd.

EXO's Kai illustration by Dianne G.

Red Pinstriped Shirt & Checkered T-Shirt

Seoul Homme - Pocket-Front Short-Sleeve Pinstripe ShirtPriam - Short-Sleeve Plaid T-Shirt

Using one of Kai’s favorite colors as the jumping point of his outfit, I’ve chosen a short-sleeved red pinstriped button-up and a matching checkered tee. The idol is known for his sleek and chic outfits, even on his days off. Layering a comfortable T-shirt underneath the collared shirt gives the ensemble a more casual vibe.

Pattern mixing may seem hard to pull off, but it’s easy when you go with a monochromatic palette and mix subtle and loud prints together. The white blocks on the tee complement the white pinstripes and buttons of the collared shirt, giving it a very coordinated and clean finish.

Black Dress Pants & Blue Snap Buckle Belt

THE COVER - Seam-Trim Straight-Cut Dress Pants Rofuka - Canvas Belt

Wearing dress pants for a casual outfit might be a strange choice to some, but Kai is often spotted in the airport with slacks cut in a clean silhouette. The red shirt is tucked into black pants that are slightly tapered at the bottom. The pants are also exaggeratedly folded at the hem to bring in a modern twist.

Although Kai usually opts for leather belts, I’ve chosen to style him with a cobalt blue canvas belt that has a snap buckle for an industrial and youthful touch.

Faux Leather Black Bag & Red Derby Shoes

ETONWEAG - Woven Faux Leather BriefcaseTaragan - Faux Leather Oxfords

The ever so suave K-pop star is always decked head to toe in chic minimal pieces. That’s why I’ve selected an intricately woven black briefcase, a bag not too different from the ones he carries en route to his various schedules.

Playing with texture on texture, the derby dress shoes boast a luxurious faux crocodile pattern in a color that matches the top. The sleek tapered design of the shoes contrasts with the loose-fit blocky silhouette of the top and trousers while also bringing the whole outfit together.

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