Brand Spotlight: VT 

Launched not too long ago, VT was founded in 2010 by Gonsen Inc. Though you may know it better as a cosmetics brand, VT actually started in oral care first! The brand launched its Think Your Teeth collection in 2014 and has since expanded into producing skin care and makeup products.

VT is made for minimalistic and simplistic souls who are looking for basic but effective products. The brand places great importance on using natural ingredients and ensures that all products are well researched and developed by dermatologists. The Velvet Lip Lacquer and Black Collagen Pact are some of the brand’s bestselling items.

In 2017, VT had their first collaboration with global K-pop icon BTS. This collaboration includes the VTxBTS Collagen Pact and the VTxBTS Jumbo Kit, which is a dental kit that comes with a jumbo toothbrush and toothpaste along with seven BTS photo cards for the fans.

The toothbrush is made from 100% biodegradable corn starch and features super soft bristles. The toothpaste is formulated with ECOCERT-certified organic extracts, 905ppm fluorine, natural sweeteners and mint, and is free from parabens, benzoic acid, saccharine, tar pigment, micro-plastic, animal ingredients and minerals. For those interested in giving the Jumbo Kit a go, take your pick between the black or white kit.

With VT’s first collaboration being a success, the brand continued to collaborate with BTS the following year for the VTxBTS The Sweet Special Edition Set. The set comes with the Sweet Glossy Cushion, a water-based cushion foundation infused with skin-loving ingredients like collagen water, hyaluronic acid and soft powder to absorb excess sebum and keep skin hydrated while giving you a matte look. The set also comes with two Sweet Mousse Lip Fluid, one in the color #01 Velvet Burgundy and the other in #02 Rosy Peach. This lippie boasts a mousse-like texture with a lightweight and semi-matte finish. 

VT also launched another collaboration project that same year featuring BT21. If you’re an active user of messaging app LINE (or a K-pop fan), you know what BT21 is: a group of cute characters created by BTS for LINE FRIENDS. Each character is unique in its own way and represents a member of the boy band.

The collaboration includes various types of makeup from lip products, cheek cushions and eye shadow palettes to primers, foundations and cushions. Some of the popular choices among YesStyle customers include the BT21 Lippie Stick, Lip Lacquer CREAM, Lip Lacquer GLOW and Cheek Cushion. All products come in specially designed packaging featuring the different characters – they’ll look super chic on your vanity!

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