6 Trending Summer Prints

One of the most exciting things about summer is that you get to wear all those bold and colorful prints that you probably wouldn’t wear in winter. Aside from the staple animal prints, stripes and polka dots, we’d like to introduce some other trendy prints to you!

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Tropical Fruit Print

Motifs of mouthwatering tropical fruits like pineapple, banana, watermelon and peach whet our appetite for a funky, bold and summery look. Match a fruit-print shirt with a plain bottom to let the exuberant colors speak for themselves.

Botanical Print

Lush leafy prints reminiscent of the jungle come just in time for summer. Unlike the youthful and cartoonish fruit prints, these botanical prints offer a sense of tranquility or even enigma, thanks to the neutral green palette. Wear a leaf-print top with khaki Bermuda shorts or cami cargo pants for a safari combo!

Scarf Print

Summer is all about frolicking by the ocean, so it makes sense to crave nautical prints. Wearing Breton stripes is the easiest way to channel a nautical look for a boat trip or beach vacation. But you’d look even more sophisticated and trendy if you wear motifs like anchors, ropes and compasses, all of which can be classified under scarf prints.

African Print

African prints usually comprise of repetitive two-dimensional motifs with thick, clashing outlines. If you’re attending a garden party, consider dressing yourself up in a kaftan or dashiki and accessorize with chunky boho jewelry.


Tie-dye is a summer alternative to slogan tees for hip-hop-style streetwear. From dreamy cotton-candy spirals to eclectic turquoise and indigo, tie-dye’s psychedelic color combinations are endless and addictive.

Pop Art

Though not exactly an allover pattern, pop art elements can take your casual wear from mundane to creative. Be it designs inspired by Van Gogh, The Beatles or Hokusai, your outfit is the best canvas to flaunt your cultural knowledge and sense of humor.

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