SKINRx LAB’s (Re-turn)℞ MadeCera Skin and Body Care Review

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If you’re an indoor person like me, you’ll probably find yourself sitting at home trying to stay away from the summer heat with the air conditioner on full blast. You’ll also find that this isn’t great for your skin as cold, dry air messes with your skin’s moisture levels, leaving it super oily in some areas and super dry and itchy in others.

SKINRx LAB’s (Re-turn)℞ Express MadeCera Skin and Body Care Review

SKINRx LAB’s uber pink MadeCera Return skin care line has been on my saved items list since YesStyle started carrying it! The range is aptly named MadeCera as its prominent ingredients are madecassoside, which returns skin to healthy condition, and ceramide, which strengthens and moisturizes skin. I’ve also decided to try the range since I’m always curious how products that are labeled “suitable for all skin types” will fare on my skin, as it’s incredibly oily especially during the summer months.


MadeCera Body Moisturizer

MadeCera Body Moisturizer

In the summer, we usually put a bit more effort into body care with all the skin-baring we tend to do in the blistering heat. This body moisturizer is incredibly large and, with 200ml packed into its plastic container, will surely last a while.

It doesn’t have a strong overwhelming fragrance, and instead has a subtle scent. As expected from a formula with madecassoside, it applies easily and is soothing. The texture is also quite thin which is welcomed in Hong Kong’s already-sticky-and-humid-weather. However, it doesn’t dry quickly and takes a while for it to be fully absorbed into skin.


MadeCera Express Mask Set

MadeCera Express Mask Set

SKINRx LAB recommends that you use sheet masks 2-3 times a week within a 4-week period, after which you should start seeing results. Since this mask set has 5 pieces, I used it twice a week for a total of two-and-a-half weeks, which is short a week and a half of their recommended time frame.

This sheet mask is made with microfibers that adhere closely to skin. The essence soaking the sheet mask is quite thick with a subtle floral fragrance similar to the body moisturizer. It was incredibly hydrating and after 20 minutes, the mask didn’t feel dry at all. After removing the mask, my skin felt incredibly hydrated. The essence didn’t dry very quickly but when it did, it left a slightly sticky feeling.


MadeCera Cream

MadeCera Cream

Unlike the body moisturizer, which comes in a 200ml plastic container, this one comes in a 50ml metal tube. I was able to easily carry the product with me during my travels and it suits cooler weather as well! SKINRx LAB’recommends this cream for blurring wrinkles with results showing approximately after 2 weeks.

It applies very well with a soft and lightweight texture that doesn’t dry very fast, and it doesn’t have a sticky feeling. Unlike the body moisturizer and sheet masks, this cream’s fragrance is even more subtle. I don’t have wrinkles, since I’m only a little over two decades old, so I couldn’t test that effect out. However, I did feel my skin feeling less itchy and more moisturized in a little more than a week.

Final Verdict

So would I use all of these again and fully incorporate them into my skin care routine? Yes and no.

I’ve fully incorporated the cream into my daily day and night routines but I don’t see myself using the mask and body moisturizer during the summer. My oily skin finds the formulas too thick, but I do see myself giving them another go during the drier winter months. Considering how the entire MadeCera range is labeled to be suitable for all skin types, I was quite impressed how it didn’t make my skin feel extra oily like other similarly-marketed products.

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