Summer Holiday Packing Tips for your Zodiac Sign (Part Two)

Signs & Attires


Where: A road trip on an otherworldly yet iconic route while staying at motels and camp sites. BFFs are also a vital part of the holiday.

Tip: Resisting the temptation to travel alone this year is hard for Sagittarians – with Mercury Retrograde sitting in the peak of summer, it’s actually better for them to stay put instead of traveling. But with their constant wanderlust, they’ll make do by traveling with an organized friend who can watch their back. In fact, it may have been a while since they traveled with a bigger group of friends, so a reunion is much needed!

As frequent travelers, Sagittarians are swift packers by experience, but their problem lies in packing unnecessary things that end up not being used. For a classic and exciting road trip, if they really have to bring some sort of paraphernalia, consider hippie and compact musical instruments, like a Kalimba thumb piano, to keep peers entertained inside the car or by a campfire. A collapsible night lamp also comes in handy to check maps at night and to create a comfortable atmosphere at the campsite. Long travel is never gentle on skin. Stay clean and hydrated on the go with too cool for school’s Mineral Pink Salt Morning Cleanser, and keep the skin barrier strong for the tough climate with so natural’s Cera + Peptide Oil Finisher – both come in handy spray bottles.



Where: Take it slow on a cross-border train ride and experience traveling in a new light.

Tip: Capricorns have a constant need to feel accomplished. Whether it makes them feel rewarded, enlightened or physically challenged, it’s important for their holiday to check off something on their bucket list. Super organized Capricorns tend to end up packing every possible useful item they can think of, even if it can be easily purchased at reasonable prices during their travels. Prevent overstuffing by bringing less, and use a smaller bag if needed.

For a holiday on the move, a dainty but handy light that doubles as a bookmark is perfect for both pre-bed journal-writing and reading. A compact lint roller helps keep clothing looking fluff-free, as you never know who you might dine with against a picturesque backdrop. No one can truly stop a Capricorn from working and staying up late, but be sure to bring along good skin care items that can ease off puffiness and fine lines, like SOME BY MI’s SNAIL TRUECICA Miracle Repair Serum and eye cream from Pyunkang Yul.



Where: A city tour with plenty in both the cultural and the entertainment departments, topped off with cinematic vintage vibes along the way.

Tip: Packing doesn’t come naturally to Aquarians, as they often get distracted in the process and end up leaving it all to the very last minute. A mental checklist also isn’t particularly reliable when the packing is rushed, so it’s better to jot everything down beforehand.

For a city holiday, sort out a travel checklist way ahead of time, and have all the important docs stored in a functional passport case. Since Aquarians like to do things at their own pace, a portable Bluetooth speaker will come in use when it’s time to wind down in their rooms after a long day of socializing and sightseeing. Take a break from wearing a full face of makeup – try a primer with SPF like the Matte Chiffon UV Moist Base SPF 26 PA++ from kiss for a natural look that also provides light to medium coverage on blemishes.



Where: A peaceful and tranquil place that encourages them to be one with nature while also offering a dreamy and romantic appeal.

Tip: Take time away from the busy and tech-driven locations, and slowly appreciate the tranquil beauty of nature. Bring a travel pillow and a velvety sleeping eye mask to ensure better undisturbed slumber during bumpy airplane rides.

When going to a destination with a very different climate and air quality, it’s safer to bring a good set of travel-sized skin care, such as Birch Juice’s Hydro Program Travel Kit which comes with an emulsion, a sleeping pack and an essence to help maintain skin’s moisture levels. If that’s still not enough, bring along a nourishing yet hydrating toner like Real Barrier’s Extreme Essence Toner to help lock in moisture during the day!



Where: A location that combines both relaxation and adventure to satisfy their adrenaline rush with a healthy balance.

Tip: Arians are pretty organized people but often take a long time to pack for holidays. They actually work better at a slower pace, despite their impatience. It’s safer to pack a little every day to avoid a chaotic, last-minute rush. No matter the location, things can get a little heated for the fiery Arian; a mini electric fan doesn’t take up too much space and will definitely be of use. Sunblock is also a must, so be sure to bring a compact and easy-to-use sunscreen like make p:rem’s UV Defence Me. Blue Ray Sun Stick for topping up SPF on the go.

Adventurous Arians enjoy savoring moments, but capturing a few one-of-a-kind shots to share with friends and families is a must, so a waterproof case for mobile devices is a godsend! As these active souls can find it really boring during commutes, bring along a dainty Gameboy for a bit of retro fun whenever, wherever.



Where: A tranquil and luxurious spa resort by the coast, complete with fine food, wine and wellness facilities.

Tip: Before a Taurean goes on holiday, the following needs to be established way beforehand – a) what’s for breakfast, b) what’s on the menu for lunch and dinner, c) is there a bar, and most importantly, d) what amenities are included. After all, Taureans are sensuous souls and will never compromise for a holiday without pampering and fineness. They’re also known as chronic packers who almost always end up over-packing, so start with essentials that won’t be provided by the resort.

A personalized skin care regimen is a must for any Taurean, and this holiday-themed beauty kit from Aritaum adds to the mixture perfectly. Even at a luxurious and scenic accommodation, a USB fragrance diffuser is perfect for setting up the mood for quality beauty sleep, while a room spray in a fresh yuzu scent is ideal for adding a calming aroma when they’re chilling in their rooms.

Aside from feeling good, keeping vitamin supplements around even for a resort holiday is important to ensure balanced health, especially when these foodies go a little too wild when taking a break from their regular diets.


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