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Lee Hi was the runner-up on the very first season of SBS’s K-pop Star. She later signed with YG Entertainment and debuted swiftly with her album First Love in 2013, gracing us mere mortals with her jazzy and soulful voice. Her music has been rooted in a cute retro style. However, she recently returned after three years with the mini-album 24, which brings a more mature twist to her vintage sensibilities.

Greatly inspired by Lee Hi’s latest music video for No One, I’ve chosen to style her with a mix of subtle and loud pieces similar to the outfits she wore in the video. The music video highlights the transition between the cutesy styles of her earlier years to bolder looks, indicating that she’s not afraid to take risks. I’m a big believer in always going outside of your comfort zone and this is a great attitude to take on with the summer holidays looming close!

Style Files: Lee Hi’s Fresh and Retro Outfit illustration by Dianne G.


White Dress & Mini Skirt

GOROKE - Frilled Long Crochet Dresschuu - Linen A-Line Miniskirt

Taking fashion cues from her latest music video, I’ve chosen a white midi dress with a frilled neckline cut in a cotton eyelet embroidered fabric. This oozes the cute and sweet vibe that she had earlier on in her career. Lee Hi almost always performs in dresses while sticking to skirts for casual days. Torn between choosing a dress or a skirt, I thought, well, why not both? I went with her favorite color pink in a bold bright hue for the skirt, and layered the mini over the dress to cinch in its loose silhouette. As Lee Hi towers at only 5’1”, it’s important to create a clear distinction in her body shape so as to not appear stout.

Dotted Hairband & Striped Handbag

YANSAE - Dotted HeadbandStyleonme - Patterned Rattan Frame Hand Bag

If you’re petite, pick small accessories! I’ve chosen small pieces with intricate prints to balance out the solid-toned main pieces.

The handbag is small so as to not overwhelm her stature, and it’s constructed in rattan, making it perfect for summer. The dotted hairband is a throwback to Lee Hi’s  more retro styles during her debut. The dots complement the details of the round eyelet embroidery on the dress while the monochrome color matches the bag.

Strappy Heels & Dotted Sheer Socks

DABAGIRL - Tie-Up Strappy SandalsHearthpi - Dotted Sheer Socks

As a lover of yellow, I couldn’t complete this look without it, especially since it’s also the dominant color of her album, which is designed with a yellow and orange gradient.

That’s why I’ve styled her with vibrant yellow strappy heels – perfect for summer! I myself am also vertically challenged so heels are a must-have, and Lee Hi seems to agree as she’s often spotted wearing towering shoes.

Taking major inspo from her album cover, I chose sheer orange socks with a dot design to bring a look that’s literally cohesive from head to toe.

Faux Pearl Earrings & Choker

Mimishi - Rhinestone / Faux Pearl EarringPhooka - Faux Pearl Accent Velvet Choker

One of the constants in Lee Hi’s style is her love for pearl accessories! She usually wears simple faux pearl studs so I’ve given them an upgrade with a clustered style for added panache.

Featuring a subtle shade of her favorite color, the velvet pink choker is centered with a single faux pearl, giving her look an elegant and complete finish.

Lee Hi Mini Album - 24℃

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