Chit Chat with Farina Behm

Farina Behm keeps her YouTube fam of over 214,000 subscribers updated with not only her everyday life but also with travel, makeup, fashion and K-pop-related content. She is currently based in Germany but frequently travels to Korea as she’s incredibly fascinated by the country’s culture – she especially loves Korean food.

Besides learning about Korea by visiting different cities around the country, Farina also learns quite a lot about Korean culture from living with her boyfriend and his family, who are from Korea. From her social channels alone, you can already tell that she’s a huge BTS fan. We asked her to pick a K-pop idol that she’d like to be if given the chance. Keep reading our Chit Chat with her to find out the answer, plus what her favorite K-Beauty brands are and more!

What’s a typical day for you like?

First thing I do in the morning is cuddle with my dogs, Bobby & Mochi. Next would be my skin care routine to feel clean and fresh for the day. Depending on whether or not I’m filming a video or have a meeting later that day, I put on some BB cream and my fave peachy makeup look, or I let my skin just breathe for the day. After I‘ve had breakfast with my boyfriend, I usually work from our home office and start editing and checking my email.  I like to stay fit and healthy so I try to work out at the gym at least twice a week. We end a typical day with Netflix and dinner, maybe some late night snacks if I‘m feeling really sneaky.

You create a lot of content on Korean culture. What are some of your favorite things about the culture?

First of all: the food! It‘s so different from German food and I always discover something new during each trip. I‘ve even learned to enjoy the spicy dishes! I also love how Koreans often pay attention to details when it comes to interiors (in cafés, for example), fashion or product design. I really appreciate the cute details, which give off warm and happy vibes. I‘m all about the good vibes!

What got you interested in learning more about Korean culture?

I first got interested in learning more about it through my boyfriend. Living with him and his family, who are originally from Korea, I really wanted to understand and learn as much as possible about their cultural background. Until this day, I keep learning new stuff and falling in love with the culture even more.

Do you have a Korean beauty brand that you love, either makeup or skin care?

I‘m in love with the skin care products from COSRX and MISSHA lately –  they both have helped me a lot with my acne and super dry skin!

If you could choose to be any K-pop idol, who would you be?

If I could choose to be one idol, I‘d be J-Hope from BTS. I feel like he spreads such positivity and gives the people around him so much energy. He‘s very talented and hardworking, and always brightens up his fans’ days. I feel really inspired by him.

All images: @farinabehm

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