Chapter 20: 6 Simple Nail Care Tips

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We’ve looked at multiple beauty and skin care routines including a 10-step skin care routine, an everyday makeup routine, a travel skin care routine, and a skin care regimen for eyes. Now with summer only two weeks away, it’s time for the Beauty Book to talk about your nails. Summer screams fun, vibrant colors, but in order to flaunt salon-worthy nails, you have to give your nails the attention and care that they deserve.

Some things to remember when it comes to having perfect nails: Always keep them clean and hydrated, and don’t neglect your cuticles. Check out the following tips and get ready to welcome summer with strong, healthy nails.

Tip #1: Trim your nails regularly and file them right

Growing your nails out (for a long time) may sound tempting, but it’s probably best to keep them short, especially if you’ve got weaker nails. Trim your nails regularly to keep them healthy and get a nail file to help maintain their shape.

The wrong way to file your nails is with a back-and-forth motion as this causes your nails to split. The right way is to stick to one direction, starting from the sides and making your way to the center. Remember to be gentle!

Besides trimming your nails, be sure to snip away any hangnails. A nail nipper is the perfect tool for this. Don’t tug or bite hangnails off as that can lead to open cuts.

Tip #2: Wear gloves

We use our hands A LOT. Think about it – they’re constantly exposed to the sun and water, so protecting them is essential. Although washing your hands every time you go to the bathroom is inevitable, you may want to consider wearing a pair of gloves when washing dishes. It’s even more important to wear gloves when doing household chores as you want to avoid your nails having direct contact with harsh chemicals from cleaning detergents.

Tip #3: Apply hand cream

Long hot showers, harsh soaps or even a poor diet are some causes for dry nails. Applying hand cream is a quick and easy way to instantly hydrate your hands. Focus on applying the cream on your nails, and make sure to massage them for better absorption.

A’PIEU’s hand cream is a great choice for extremely dry hands. It’s formulated with madecassoside, an active ingredient derived from centella, which helps repair, soothe and moisturize skin, making it ideal for rough, dry or damaged skin.

Tip #4: Treat your cuticles to hydrating oils

Hand creams do a great job at moisturizing hands but sometimes they aren’t enough. That’s where oils come in. If you have extremely dry cuticles and hand creams don’t seem to do the trick, cuticle oil will save you.

innisfree’s Nail Cuticle Oil is a handy one; it’s packaged with a roll-on design, making it convenient to bring anywhere and apply anytime. The oil contains a blend of avocado, jojoba seed and tangerine oils to deeply nourish nails and cuticles. I keep this at my office desk at all times and like rolling it around my cuticle areas, then applying hand cream on top to lock in moisture. It’s my holy grail!

Tip #5: Apply a weekly mask  

Want your nails to look healthy and hydrated in the long run? Schedule a weekly mask session just for your hands to give them an extra boost of moisture. Etude House offers a great and practical Help My Finger Nail Pack that moisturizes and brightens dull nails. Simply place the pouches on all your nails, leave them on for about 10-15 minutes, and then massage the leftover essence all over your hands. Don’t be surprised when you see instant results. With continued use, you can say goodbye to brittle nails!

Tip #6: Protect your nails with a base and top coat

This tip goes out to the nail-polish obsessed. Before you start painting your nails, protect them with a layer of base coat, and then top your color off with a top coat.

Applying a base coat is extremely important because nail polish can contain harsh or toxic ingredients that can make your nails dry or brittle. A base coat is a layer that acts as a shield for your natural nails. It also prevents your nails from getting stained, especially if you love applying dark colors.

A top coat works differently. It helps prolong the life of your polish and prevents it from chipping. A top coat also makes your polish shine and pop.

Now that you’ve learned some tips, it’s time to play around with colors and find your summer nail color. You can wait until the first official day of summer, which falls on June 20th, to flaunt your polish. Or why not get a head start? Check out some bold and bright colors below that are perfect for beach weather!

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