Summer Holiday Packing Tips for your Zodiac Sign (Part One)

Signs & Attires


Where: A location that encourages both learning and exploration, needs to have relaxing resort amenities.

Tip:  The twins are more than capable of being organized, but because they dread the idea of popping compressed portions of their lives into tiny spaces, getting a suitcase packed swiftly isn’t really their forte. Using labeled organizers makes packing easier and helps them sort their belongings by categories, without risking spillages all over their clothes.

Learning is a key factor in their trips; Geminis love to be exposed to different cultures, and being the eternal student of the zodiacs, they ought to have their planner packed full with a detailed itinerary of all the places to visit! Geminis are also social-media savvy, so it’d be a disaster to run out of battery while live streaming their travels. Be sure to leave space for a power bank and compact charging cables, all neatly tucked inside an organized pouch!



Where: A long weekend at a culturally rich town or city, not too far from home.

Tip: Even for a summer getaway, Cancerians prefer to keep their commutes short and sweet. Although they’re usually day trip goers or stay-cation loungers, it’s not that simple because Cancerians prefer home and they also value their personal space. Taking long and leisurely walks on their travels seem just right. While they plug in ambient music in their earphones, they can quietly immerse in the vibes of their holiday destination. Be sure to be prepared for sudden weather changes – a compact umbrella always has a place in any Cancerian’s bag.

Cancerians are rather sensitive to their surroundings, so how will they survive travelling without their usual skin care routine? To save luggage space, travel-sized equivalents should be one of their top priorities! After exploring the city on foot, they should wind down properly with bubble baths and such, and let’s not forget to relax tired feet with LION’s Kyusoku Jikan Cooling Sheet For Legs!



Where: Wherever there’s sunshine! A warm and exotic destination that is action packed with room for self-expression, complete with plenty of live music.

Tip: Leos love a good crowd, especially one that’s welcoming and passionate. Restless and active, Leos live life to the fullest with a jam-packed itinerary of activities—from surfing in the Mediterranean Sea to showing off their moves at the Caribbean festivals, these lionesses are ready to shine 24/7 with their Insta-stories looking on fleek! A smartphone camera remote that doubles as a phone stand will ensure no dodgy group selfies, and promise picture-perfect mood shots for the Gram!

Leos love the sun, but where there’s sun, there’s the risk of looking more greasy than sexy. A brow tint is perfect for keeping an effortless and on fleek look without the concern of smudging, and a spray-on sunscreen keeps Leos on track with UV protection to prevent burns while they’re getting sun-kissed! Top everything off with a fixer spray to keep their makeup in place all day.



Where: A health and wellness-focused retreat, or secluded locations that encourage peaceful connections with the inner mind.

Tip: Although Virgos have a reputation to upkeep, they’re actually really bad at holiday packing. Because they’re precise to even the minutest details, Virgos invest their time in doing other things, leaving packing till the very last. Even for a minimalistic getaway, prior planning and packing helps to keep the chaos away – so start by making a checklist ahead of time to ensure nothing is forgotten even if you pack last minute.

Virgos detest ill-feelings, and nothing is as discomforting as not being able to completely remove all the grime accumulated from the day. Even at the most luxurious retreats, Virgos cannot be unequipped in the personal hygiene department. Bring along a travel toothbrush case that is roomy enough to hold small-sized skincare and other beauty tools. Let the day begin with a good wash using a powder cleanser, while a soothing ampoule is perfect before sleeping.



Where: Like the trips seen in rom-coms, whether it’s cultural city escapes with musical numbers, or a peaceful stay at a lakeside cabin to relive childhood nostalgia – an abundance of sentiment and romance are essential.

Tip: Librans tend to be organized, but their chronic indecisiveness makes it hard for them to judge items that lie in the gray area between necessary and sentimental worth. With this indecisiveness, Librans can seem all too laidback in the packing department, resulting in unnecessary and overloaded travel baggage. More importantly, essentials like travel adaptors shouldn’t be forgotten, and for extra peace of mind, keep all your travel documents inside a handy travel pouch for accessibility.

These romanticists should also carry a travel-sized roll-on perfume to ensure their personality comes through with their signature scent when meeting people (i.e., potential suitors) during their travels. Long commutes and unfamiliar climates are likely to disrupt a Libran’s equilibrium – bring along an intensive face cream for the nights to keep skin barriers resilient – even better if it’s a cream that boasts skin brightening and firming benefits.



Where: Somewhere far from the crowds and perhaps even a little out of their comfort zones, to create moments that encourage connection among the mind, body and soul.

Tip: Scorpios have the tendency to over pack – do you really need 10 outfits for a 5-day trip? The answer is most likely no, especially when this summer is all about discovery, enlightenment and transformation. Pack light. Instead of a small suitcase, bring a lightweight yet roomy carryall to prevent any chance of over packing! Knowing how Scorpios love a good competition, they need refreshments to fuel their aspirational challenges.

No matter the kind of activity they opt for, Scorpios should wind down thoroughly to maintain balance, especially if they’re on holiday!  Completing the day with a therapeutic face mask sesh sounds perfect, right? Throw in a pack of tarot cards, to ensure some time is spent connecting with their spirituality and conscience, for a truly enlightening and de-stressing holiday.


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