Swimwear Trends that Pack a Punch

It’s bikini season! Are you looking for the perfect bikini, or would you rather wear a rashguard? No matter your preference, this article has you covered. Take a look at these 7 major swimwear trends and determine which one suits you best!

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1. Animal Print

Animal prints never go out of style. They’re the go-tos when you wish to look confident but understated. Try the timeless leopard print, an edgy tiger print, or a sophisticated snake print.

2. Floral

I used to think of florals as being too girly, but since everyone’s all about retro prints, going for florals seems like a natural thing to do. Don’t be afraid to reach for big and bolder versions!

3. Yellow

If you’re a Gen Z, then this must be your color! Feel free to combine this color trend with knotted, high-waist or floral trends for a sweet and vibrant look.

4. Neon

There are a lot of colors that you can go for this season, from yellow and cobalt to lilac and white. On top of all that, you can opt for neon colors, which is a retro choice. A monochrome neon top is the perfect match to a bottom with a busy print.

5. One-Piece

One-pieces are what you need if you wish to go utterly vintage. Look for checks, contrast trims, cutouts, a zip-front or high-cuts to spice up a seemingly plain design.

6. High-Waist

Another retro trend to try is the high-waist trend. This one is great for making the legs look longer. It also helps to shape an hourglass figure.

7. Knotted

The knot-front design isn’t quite over yet. You can either aim for a twist or a self-tied knot right below the bosom. Such detailing makes a huge difference by adding depth to your look.

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