The Zodiac Signs as Lips Products (Part Two)

Signs & Attires

Scorpio “A pout as sensuous as satin”

Being mysterious isn’t a natural quality of Scorpios; in most cases it’s the lack of context that makes them appear mysterious. In a social setting, they exude a seemingly carefree attitude and articulate manner that draw peoples’ attention to their magnetic and charming presence – much like eSpoir’s Lipstick No Wear Lip Topper Satin with its deep pigments in a satin-like, iridescent luster. A Scorpio’s allure can also be seen in their passionate demeanor, and this can be accentuated with HERA’s Sensual Tint which comes with a befitting name and intense color payoff

To match their enigmatic appearances, Scorpios also enjoy the thrill of keeping people guessing. With a glaze-like finish and gliding application, DEAR DAHLIA’s Paradise Moisture Veil Lip Glaze perfectly highlights a Scorpio’s mystic tendencies. Susceptible to moods and sensitive to touch, Scorpios won’t hesitate to indulge in me time, which calls for satin-like caresses from A.m.oK’s  Luxury Lipstick to ensure they feel like queens all the time.


Sagittarius “Vivid paint fit lipstick”

Wild and jovial Sagittarians are the untamed souls of the zodiacs. Powered by spontaneity and creativity, they’re like splattered paint on canvas – this vivid expressiveness is depicted by BANILA CO’s Lipdraw Matte Blast Stick through bold, semi-matte and paint-like finishes in corals and reds. Born to be explorative, Sagittarians are always on the hunt for something new. Like the Real Fit Muse Lipstick from VILLAGE 11 FACTORY, they are their own muse.

As fire signs, Sagittarians leave a lasting impression with their passionate and outward friendliness – a quality that is best represented by Wet N Wild‘s MegaLast Lip Color, which boasts a long-wearing formula that is easy to apply and leaves a comforting, cushion-like touch.

Despite giving impetuous vibes, Sagittarians are easygoing and can adapt to new things swiftly. This side of them aligns with MERZY’s The First Lipstick You Series, a sensuous, semi-matte lipstick that delivers a smooth finish and can double as a blusher.


Capricorn “Super Matte day & night”

Capricorns are goal-oriented individuals whose ambitiousness and pragmatic nature perfectly resonate with the dramatic flair and long-lasting finish of a high-impact lippie like the MEMEBOX PONY EFFECT Stay Fit Matte Lip Color. Meanwhile, peripera’s Ink Matte Blur Tint offers a smooth, blurring effect on lips in the brand’s signature velvety finish, available in varying hues of red that complement Capricorn’s classic femininity.

Ace workers during the day, and (surprisingly) life of the party at night, Capricorns’ busy lifestyles are reflected in the dual-tipped Day to Night Lipstick Duo by e.l.f. Cosmetics. The Lipstick Duo features a soft shade for daytime and a bolder shade to transition into a night look without wasting precious handbag space. True to the Capricorn’s great work ethic, romand’s Zero Gram Matte Lipstick (Sunset Letter Limited Edition) is an uncomplicated product that delivers on all of its claims.


Aquarius “Show them who’s gloss”

If someone strolls into work with vibrant and eccentric makeup, surely Aquarius is in their birth charts. Aquarians function in unconventional ways, and they get by just fine! Standing out with a unique twist is natural to them, just like Almay‘s Goddess Lip Gloss which offers a customizable iridescent and holographic finish. Aquarians never fail to infuse their quirks into the most mundane of things – this quality is best expressed by e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Tinted Lip Oil, whose tinted, sheer shine is capable of transforming any lip look with a personalized glossy finish.

 Easygoing Aquarians are also humanitarians who shine in any peer group. That sounds just like the diamond powder-infused Artify Anke Lip Study Water Beam Stick by too cool for school and LABIOTTE’s Petal Affair Glow Lip Color, which is fitted with a nourishing formula to enhance its luminousity.


Pisces “Dewy and kissable”

As constant daydreamers who are both artistic and sentimental, Pisceans never say no to some pampering – a vibe that the Double-Deck Goldflake Lip Gloss by Kailijumei exudes thoroughly in the form of a pH color-adjusting lip gloss, topped with a flower and gold flakes. Known for their generous and understanding nature, Pisceans are able to draw out the best qualities in people, just like how eSpoir’s Lip Up promotes a natural plumping effect to create a soft, kissable pout.

Pisceans aren’t just sweet and nice all the time, because as water signs, they’re among the moodiest of the zodiacs. The Cherry Chu Bonny Lipstick from CORINGCO embodies this temperament in a velvety formula with a dewy glow. Its intense pigments can be intensified from mild to bold shades in a few swipes. Pisceans are also natural ambiverts who are highly versatile, a quality best illustrated with VDL’s  Expert Color Lip Cube Fluid Water – a high-shine, PVC-like lacquer gloss with a smudgeproof, non-sticky and long-wearing water formula.


Aries “Tattoo like lip lacquer”

Bold, brash and outspoken, Arians can appear domineering at first, but when you really get to know them, they’re among the most loyal and generous people around! They’re a bit like RiRe’s Luxe Cushion Lip Paint, an easy-to-wear lippie that doesn’t require much time as it comes with a cushiony applicator in a handbag-friendly size. Despite being really impatient, these fiery rams will stick around for those they care about; such dedication and perseverance are best represented by COVERGIRL’s Outlast All-Day Lip Color with Topcoat, a transfer-resistant, kiss- and food-proof lip tint that provides extended wear when applied with the top coat.

One thing Arians never lack is fire, as demonstrated in the flaming hues of reds and saucy pinks offered by MERZY’s Off The Record Fitting Lip. It boasts a fade-proof, quick-drying lacquer finish that is as fuss-free as an Arian.

Always on their feet and ready for new challenges, Arians are models of low-maintenance preparedness, much like the Moist Glow Tint by LA MUSE – a natural-looking, sheer tint equipped with a deeply hydrating, plant-based formula that not only promotes a radiant look, but also helps to strengthen the skin barrier.


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